Sunday, November 29, 2009

Keep on Truckin'

Wow guys- what a becoming picture of me. My favorite hole too! I look like that "keep on truckin'" cartoon from the 60's. Who was that? The name is on the tip of my toungue- freaky Crumb! (I cheated on that one.) Anyway I doubt I will be able to defend my crown today, as I have come down with the swine/bird/turkey flu and should be mellow. Here is last weeks scores however, which I believe is the new MFC record for the three sorriest and rag tag score cards ever to be submitted. In terms of condition, not scores that is. Good thing I had a Costco pack of scotch tape. I shall now set my mucus clogged head to update our handicaps. Now, people, be kind, and let that Ace pool ride one more week!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

jake the snake blowing it up with a seven under his handicapp. good job jake

Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8th 2009

And for those of you who cant see that great shot of the score cards it reads like this. We had some new blood this week, love seeing new faces. We had Seth come out and shot a +22, watch out that is how Alex started out. Then we had Terry shooting a +17. Steve shot a +12 for his first MFC score. Cary shot a great game at +4 only to be shown up by his son Dillon "a boy named Sue" +3. Jody and I joined the newby group and Jody shot a +8 and I shot a -6.

So on to the oldies but goodies. Rusty had a +7. Tim the Booneville boogie man shot a +9. Vince "Indy Jones" Koski recorded a +5. RyeBread finished with a E. Jim was -4.

On to the folks who started on 10. Nate shot a +11. Travelin' Matt shot a +5. Roy shot a +1. The return of Brian Storm was a +6 and a warm welcome home. This group also contained the tie for second witch was between Davey and Erin. Davey shot -9 and Erin shot -10, great rounds guys. There was a play off from the top of the world and Davey took home the money.

I hope this is the start of my threepete. See you all next week.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Brand Nubians or The Newby Brothers or What a Beautiful Day in Mendo

Well Frolfland, I must report that 2 semi-new (new at least to the Mendocino Frolf Club tournaments) frolfers are taking the coast by storm. Alex "Alexander Supertramp" and "Uncle Traveling Wilbury" Matt have came to play and came to stay (well actually I heard that Super-T is leaving soon). Anyways, Alexander Supertramp took first place by shooting something like 8 under his handicap and the Wilbury shot an impressive 3 under (7 under his handicap). I guess it helps to shoot 22 over and then play everyday and shoot 8 under your handicap...huh Alex? Erin "HemHaw" Hemmings shot an impressive 12 under (6 under his handicap) and walked away empty handed. Props to HemHaw...nice round. Anyways, fun tournament and the ace pot lives! Can anyone put up a picture of SuperT and/or Traveling Matt or both? Can someone put a picture of the score cards?

Lets take a vote about Fort Bragg Thursday Night wants to start at 5pm and who wants to start ot 6pm? I vote for starting at 5pm. Who is playing this thursday and what time do people want to play?


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Scream

Saturday October 31, 2009 saw a grouping of four on the links at the Joey Memorial Frolf Course. At around 2PM Davey, AJ, Matthew and Myself joined up for the first real stroke play match on the before said frolf course. Without all the drama I will announce that a new record has been posted and the challenge to beat it is being heralded.
An early debate of the rules was settled and it was decided that no drivers and no thumbers were the only restrictions.
It was a see-saw battle that saw each player, for a portion of time, as the leader. Davey made an early play but some crucial missed putts late in the round prevented his normal dominant position at the end. Matthew showed what is becoming his signature style. Hitting nearly unfathomable putts. After three parked drives on #4 (no small task considering the left to right nature of the hole and the OB) Matthew drained a 50 footer to make a full birdie set. Strong play kept him in the game and hit the -5 that could have been much better if not for some short misses. I knew going into this thing that I was the favorite. Not only because of my rustic good looks but because I designed the course and shot probably a 100 rounds here. I actually thought I was going to bring down the record going into #15 (it's a 15 hole course). A double bogey later and I ended up in last place with a -3. Not very impressive. The championship grade game played today was thrown by non other that AJ. Who knew that the guy who buries 30 ft. putts at will and manhandles mid-rangers like they are little kittens would be able to dominate a par 3 pitch and putt. AJ never let up and hole by hole racked up the birdies, passed Davey and Matthew, passed me and then shot a hole #15 birdie to win the match and claim the record of -7.
AJ, let us know what you're drinkin' my man.
The course could hold a better score than that and I challenge us all to break it. We are looking at Christmas for the departure of this property, so in the meantime, let us play. I will try to schedule regular rounds out here, but I would love to rally up for anyone who wants to play.

All Hallows Heave- New Time, Same Place

Howdy Frolfland-

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. I have spoken with about 5 fellow frolfing friends and a partridge in a pear tree. We all agreed to start today at 2:30 on account of the time change. So actually we are starting at the same exact time but we will all change our time pieces and call it something different. I am excited about the new super blog powers Erin has bequethed to us. I will attempt to attach handis, post silly photos and cast level one fireball spells. By the way what does "monetize" mean? Sounds like a pyramid scheme. Well I have already failed in my attempt to attach the Handis. I will now email them- please let me know if you wish to be added to the email list, btw.