Wednesday, May 26, 2010

8th Annual “Steady Ed” Headrick Birthday Memorial PDGA Sanctioned B-Tier Event In Lakeport, Ca

Highland Springs Basket Cases Presents
8th Annual “Steady Ed” Headrick Birthday Memorial
PDGA Sanctioned B-Tier Event In Lakeport, Ca
June 12th and 13th 2010
Questions??? Contact Shayne 707-263-3210 E-Mail us at
Min. $500 Added cash in all open divisions and sweet player package for all Am players!!
Pool A 2 rounds Sat.1 at Original course &1 at Temp {Player’s meeting 9am !!!} 1round Sun.
Pool B 2 rounds Sat.1 at Temp course &1 at Original {Player’s meeting 10am!!!}1round Sun.

Add $3 to the Total Entry Fee if using PayPal to pay!!! PayPal us at
Add $10 if you are not a PDGA Member or if you have not paid your PDGA fees for the year!!!
Add $10 per person to total fees if you are planning to camp!!!

link to download flyer

tom snyder is signed up and me and franny are gonna go and camp any one else in?????????/

3rd MFC Meeting

3rd MFC Meeting
May 25, 2010


1.) Plotter - This topic took up almost all the time of the meeting. Anyone who is not familiar with this topic, please read this post. Erin presented the cost breakdown for plotter start-up purchase. $199 for the Cricut with free shipping, $20 used cartridge from Ebay, $60 software download. Additional costs include, but are not limited to: $1/yd. vinyl, replacement blades, dye, contact paper. Compared with $900 for hot stamping discs through Innova, the club decided to move forward with the Plotter idea. It was unanimously agreed that :
  • The MFC will use its money ($383) for the purchase of 1 plotter & related expenses
  • Erin will download the software & be responsible for printing/cutting vinyl for the club on a volunteer basis
  • Club members are responsible for purchasing their own discs for dyeing
  • Dyeing will happen as a club, as a group, or individual, on a volunteer basis
  • Vinyl cutouts beyond the MFC logo, and use of the plotter for public/personal use is not allowed until it can be discussed in a future meeting.
  • The potential for making club $ back was also discussed, but nothing was decided
Erin presented the idea that each current club member will receive 1 vinyl cutout & dye job for free as part of club membership, but must supply their own disc. After that, a small Club fee (undecided) will be necessary to cover continued use of the plotter.

2.) shirts - The club decided to pay $40 from our cash to Hidden Treasures (located on Main Street in Mendocino) for the purpose of converting our logo to a silk screen form. This form will be permanently on file there, and ANYONE can go into Hidden Treasures, purchase a t-shirt, hoodie, or pair of underwear, and for $5?, have the MFC logo silk screened onto it. Volume discounts are available - Derrick offered to take orders for clothing - and the deadline for getting your order in for this volume discount is SUNDAY, MAY 30 (bring your $$ to tourney!). After that, people are on their own for purchasing silk-screened clothing from Hidden Treasures.
There is also an $80 set up fee for logo embroidery (like for hats) and the club decided to put this off for now.

3.) KOA PRO/AM JAM - Derrick has 3 campsites, and costs per person will be based on how many people are camping. He requests people bring SHADE TENTS & LIGHTS/CHRISTMAS LIGHTS

4.) repair tee signs for hole 5, 9 & 10 - To be done sometime this summer during a future work party. Erin offered to make new t signs for ones that are missing, Nate will donate materials.

5.) bag tag rules - The club discussed current problems arising from Bag Tag challenges. Derrick offered to re-work the rules and repost them. All bag tag holders must follow our Club rules.

6.) tournament - not discussed

7.) ace pot cap discussion - not discussed

8.) changing the club name - The club unanimously agreed that the Club is evolving and expanding, and that changing the name to more adequately reflect the Club's nature is appropriate. Mendocino Coast Disc Golf was mentioned as the possible new name.

9.) club donation pot - Derrick offered to bring a donation pot to Sunday tourney. Any money in the donation pot will feed directly into the Club's treasury funds.

10.) changing Nate's handicap - The Club agreed that due to Nate's injury, he doesn't have to pay tourney fees while he waits for his handicap to better reflect his game.

11.) dues/$$$ - not discussed

12.) pay Jim for bag tags ($77) - Jim graciously offered to postpone reimbursement for the bag tags until a future time when club funds aren't being used to create awesome logo discs and sweet tshirts

13.) pay high school logo winner - DONE

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last Weeks Results, MFC meeting

Hello Everybody-

I wanted to post last weeks scores and update the handis- But I don't have one of the scorecards from last week- I have mine but not the other groups.
Also I wanted to let everyone know there will be a MFC meeting this tuesday at frankies pizza in Mendocino, at 6:30 Pm. Many folks have expressed interest in a meeting and I think it would be good to do it before the KOA proam jam. (I would love to take down some fools with an MFC logo disc.) (I just had another fantasy where Erin is on the lead card on Sunday and aces hole #3, and Greg Barsby pulls the disc out of the basket and comments about how he wishes he had one that cool)
(I am not sure why I am putting everything in paranthesis)
- Parky

Saturday, May 22, 2010


The registration list is up for the KOA tournament if you want to look on and see who will be playing in your division. :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Roy Reigns Supreme on Mother's Day!

We'll need to find a fine photo of Roy for the blog, because he put the biscuit in the basket in a thrilling three-way playoff on a beautiful temperate Mother's Day and took home the big prize!

Eleven guys were rude enough to show up on Mother's day, and the weather cooperated, giving us fantastic conditions and just a breath of north breeze. Matthew kicked in two CTPs for us, at holes 3 and 15, and after deciding on teeing off old-school-style--that is, both groups going off on hole 1, and two big groups of 5 and 6 people at that!--we went out to set the course on fire. In my group, people had it going on! Put it this way: after nine holes, I had shot a bogie-free 5 under par, and I teed off at number 10 at the back of the bus! Birdies were flying, and I got so caught up in Ryan's start--he had 7 birdies in the first 9 holes--that I missed the stellar round that Roy was quietly putting together. You know that Roy...he'll knock down a huge putt and then sneak it out of the basket so quickly and quietly that no one even notices. And THAT'S EXACTLY THE POINT! He's a sneaky sucker, I'm here to tell y'all! Well we get to 18, and my group has some struggles getting through the uprights, shall we say, and Roy in particular seems to be having problems coming back through the uprights, and Matthew looks toward Roy quietly and shakes his head, as if to say "Ah, poor Roy, he really had it going today. What a shame." Little did he know Roy had everyone EXACTLY where he wanted them! We add up the scores, all set to send Derrick and Ryan up their top-o'-th'-world playoff, when the math suddenly reveals that we have all been duped: three players had shot 5 under their handis, not two! That's right, Roy had stumbled around on 18 just to keep things interesting--and probably just so it would hurt those poor guys even more when they lost in a playoff. I'm telling you, Roy is that PERNICIOUS! The guys march up the hill, and of course Roy nails it through the center of the uprights, while Ryan narrowly misses wide, and Derrick cruelly hits the upright. Roy's birdie putt makes his nefariously clever win official, while Derrick takes home the $10 second prize, Davey takes overall at 9 down, and myself and UTM bring home the CTPs: two beautiful bottles of Husch wine (Thx Parky!). All in all, a good time was had by all, and here's hoping all the mother's enjoyed having some afternoon time to themselves!

Hey, Matthew here jumping in on Jims Post- Here's last week scores

Also Derrick through out Wed May 19th for a Disc Golf Meeting. That works for me as well- any takers?

Rusty +4
Greg 0
Unleash The Magic -3
Dirka Dikendra -7
Davey "Che" Rica -9
Roy "Champ" -2
Rye Bread -7
Matthew 0
Jimmy Z -7
Jeremy "Epic" 0
Nathan "Backhand" 4

I am updating the Handis now...

Bag Tag Preservation

Hey Kiddies: I wanted to post that one of our bag tags has been lost, and another was almost lost. While I investigate whether it is possible to reorder a replacement, I think we need to all do our best not to lose these things. The guy who lost his claimed that it was the fault of the metal loop on the tag, which he said kept opening up or something. I'm not entirely sure how this happened, but if you find that you have a problem with your tag or the metal loop attached to it, don't wait for the tag to fall off your bag and get lost: do something to protect it. That something might be reclamping the metal loop tighter with some pliers, or buying a metal keychain loop at a hardware store (they cost a nickel?) and put the tag on that. I have a cool mini carabiner which holds my tag. Do whatever it takes. It's inevitable that things get lost, and I'm sure I'll be the next one to lose my tag, but let's at least do our best to take care of these things. That is all.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Retry for Disc Dye.....anyone???

Over the weekend in auburn I noticed that disc golfers have neat discs. Either badass Ebay plastic circa 1992...or discs that have been dyed and look way cool. It was easy to imagine using this dye process with our logo instead of hotstamping in order to save a few $$$. Vader is an example of what a dyed disc can look like. The disc was originally white, and the red is all dye.

Here is a rundown of the dyeing process. You get some sign vinyl (cheap), which is a thin plastic film that is sticky on one side. You cut out the design*. Apply the decal to the disc and your ready to dye it. Regular Rit dye works well, and you can either paint it on, or let the disc float face down in the dye pool.
* Wait, cut out the design? Are you kidding me?!

Well, there is an easier way. The machine to the right cuts out your design for you.
It's a printer that cuts, called a plotter. It's $250 and will cut out any design you make on the computer. We would also need the software to run the plotter, $70. There is definitely some skill involved like positioning the logo on the disc, making sure there are no airbubbles, etc. The plotter could also make great vinyl logo stickers for car windows.

As far as what discs can be dyed, all candy and star discs work well. Pro and Dx not as good. Any disc can easily be turned into a blank canvas with a cloth dipped in acetone. From what I have read gold and silver hot stamps are the easiest to remove, while the rainbow stamps are the most difficult. Also, Discraft stamps are harder to remove. I watched a video online of this process on a star disc and it took 10 seconds to wipe the stamp away cleanly.

If the MFC was into it we could dye our own discs instead of handing Innova $800+ to hot stamp 100. The way I envision it, the club would purchase the materials and plotter. There would have to be a couple of people interested in learning how to dye and willing to donate time to fill the orders. Maybe a dyeing party? I'm really not sure how much time would have to go into each disc, maybe 3o min's, 15? It would have to be something people enjoyed doing.
People who wanted a custom disc would supply their own disc to be dyed. A fee of 5-10 dollars per disc would go to covering the materials & plotter. If we dyed just 35 discs @ $10 each that would cover the initial investment. What does everyone think?

Here is a link to a cool disc dyeing forum:
Also, a link to a how to video:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Can Someone Post the Scores from Sunday 5/2/10?

I heard through the grapevine that Greg G Money won his first this true? Can someone, anyone confirm this? Can someone post the scores? Can someone take off Arvin Julius' picture from the blog's front page? Any aces? D-Rock, can you give us a Santa Cruz update? I hope all is well in Frolfland.
P.S. I signed up for Willits.