Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3rd MFC Meeting

3rd MFC Meeting
May 25, 2010


1.) Plotter - This topic took up almost all the time of the meeting. Anyone who is not familiar with this topic, please read this post. Erin presented the cost breakdown for plotter start-up purchase. $199 for the Cricut with free shipping, $20 used cartridge from Ebay, $60 software download. Additional costs include, but are not limited to: $1/yd. vinyl, replacement blades, dye, contact paper. Compared with $900 for hot stamping discs through Innova, the club decided to move forward with the Plotter idea. It was unanimously agreed that :
  • The MFC will use its money ($383) for the purchase of 1 plotter & related expenses
  • Erin will download the software & be responsible for printing/cutting vinyl for the club on a volunteer basis
  • Club members are responsible for purchasing their own discs for dyeing
  • Dyeing will happen as a club, as a group, or individual, on a volunteer basis
  • Vinyl cutouts beyond the MFC logo, and use of the plotter for public/personal use is not allowed until it can be discussed in a future meeting.
  • The potential for making club $ back was also discussed, but nothing was decided
Erin presented the idea that each current club member will receive 1 vinyl cutout & dye job for free as part of club membership, but must supply their own disc. After that, a small Club fee (undecided) will be necessary to cover continued use of the plotter.

2.) shirts - The club decided to pay $40 from our cash to Hidden Treasures (located on Main Street in Mendocino) for the purpose of converting our logo to a silk screen form. This form will be permanently on file there, and ANYONE can go into Hidden Treasures, purchase a t-shirt, hoodie, or pair of underwear, and for $5?, have the MFC logo silk screened onto it. Volume discounts are available - Derrick offered to take orders for clothing - and the deadline for getting your order in for this volume discount is SUNDAY, MAY 30 (bring your $$ to tourney!). After that, people are on their own for purchasing silk-screened clothing from Hidden Treasures.
There is also an $80 set up fee for logo embroidery (like for hats) and the club decided to put this off for now.

3.) KOA PRO/AM JAM - Derrick has 3 campsites, and costs per person will be based on how many people are camping. He requests people bring SHADE TENTS & LIGHTS/CHRISTMAS LIGHTS

4.) repair tee signs for hole 5, 9 & 10 - To be done sometime this summer during a future work party. Erin offered to make new t signs for ones that are missing, Nate will donate materials.

5.) bag tag rules - The club discussed current problems arising from Bag Tag challenges. Derrick offered to re-work the rules and repost them. All bag tag holders must follow our Club rules.

6.) tournament - not discussed

7.) ace pot cap discussion - not discussed

8.) changing the club name - The club unanimously agreed that the Club is evolving and expanding, and that changing the name to more adequately reflect the Club's nature is appropriate. Mendocino Coast Disc Golf was mentioned as the possible new name.

9.) club donation pot - Derrick offered to bring a donation pot to Sunday tourney. Any money in the donation pot will feed directly into the Club's treasury funds.

10.) changing Nate's handicap - The Club agreed that due to Nate's injury, he doesn't have to pay tourney fees while he waits for his handicap to better reflect his game.

11.) dues/$$$ - not discussed

12.) pay Jim for bag tags ($77) - Jim graciously offered to postpone reimbursement for the bag tags until a future time when club funds aren't being used to create awesome logo discs and sweet tshirts

13.) pay high school logo winner - DONE


  1. Hey yo's-

    Towards the end of the meeting we skimmed over the last few items on the list and the club name came up. This issue comes up at every meeting it seems, but this time its more relevant with club shirts-stickers-discs in the immediate future. D-rock felt strongly that our name should be changed and I thought he made a strong case. After acknowledging that the people who started Sunday tournaments and formed this club called it frolf right from the start, it was agreed that the club has grown into something different.

    As coast dwellers we now have two courses (with Gregg potentially adding a third!) Our members are spread out to FB, Mendo, Navaro, Oregon, and Boonville. Mendocino Frolf Club does not encompass this growth. In order to be more inclusive of our members as well as allowing for future expansion our name should be changed to Mendocino Coast Disc Golf.
    A loss of originality? perhaps... But MFC could still be our gang name...

    This name change was unanimously accepted at our official meeting by myself, Lindsey, Nate, Derrick, and Matthew in "absentia." There is a push to have shirts silk screened in time for KOA, and in order to meet this deadline, I am going to the t-shirt printer tomorrow and using club funds($40) to have a silk screen of our logo made. So all who missed our meeting please take a minute and weigh in.

  2. Thanks for meeting, you guys and girl, and sorry I couldn't stay longer!

    I understand and agree with the argument to change the location aspect of the name. I was against the Frolf part from the beginning, so I'm fine with that change as well, but for the following problem: I think "Club" needs to be in there. Can one be a member of Mendocino Coast Disc Golf? It sounds more like an activity than an entity to me. So I think it has got to be called something like the MCDGC. Which is a lot of initials. Thus I would also go for keeping the Frolf and going with MCFC. Either one.

    Doesn't the plotter do t-shirts? Do we need to hand money to Hidden Treasures?

    Thx!, Jim

  3. i do think it makes sense.being that club members are spread all over the coast, to be inclusive and IF the club wants to grow i think it could be more fitting to call it the mendo coast disc golf club, we def dont rep the whole county,and there is a whole lot of frolfers in ukiah and surrounding inland areas,that have zero to do with our club.and i feel that leaving it Mendocino frolf club doesn't represent the club because we are more than the town of Mendocino. but i feel we def do rep the mendo coast,or at least a good portion of it currently. i think it more accurately depicts our club origins and would be better to make the change sooner than later, thats just my 2 cents on the subject

  4. Hey folks- Thanks for posting up the meeting summary- nice job Lindsey! Sorry I couldn't stay for the whole meeting. I am fine with changing the club name, and we should definately do it before we make up a bunch of discs/shirts. Can we check out what we can order from hidden treasures online, or do we have to walk in the store.
    One other thing I wanted to say at the meeting is that there seems to be alot going on with the club right now-which is great- but as many of you know I am getting married in three weeks, so I really don't have a lot of time to put in to these things. After June 19th I will be freed up to put more time and energy into the club again!


    PS how about MCDC (mendo coast disc club)
    Then we could riff on the ACDC logo
    "dirty discs done dirt cheap"

  5. jim the plotter can cut out transfer paper for hot pressing shirts, but the 40$ one time set up for hidden treasures is for a silk screen which does a much nicer print that last much longer and doesnt peel or crack, and we could have many things printed quickly, so thats one advantage

  6. i love all this blog activity

  7. D: Cool, I'm down.

    Parky: "After June 19th I will be freed up to put more time and energy into the club again!" After you're married, you'll have more time? Good one!

    I do like the MCDC potential. Can disc golf be hyphenated?

  8. But MFC is just so hard core, and we are sooo hard core. Just kidding. Love the work you all are doing down there.

    RIP MFC!

    Nahhh eff that I'm MFC fo' life!

  9. Yeah discussion!

    Mendocino Coast Disc Golf Club is too long. Way.

    ..How about Mendocino Coast Disc Golfers

  10. Right. Or we could go with a mascot. Mendocino Coast Huckers? MCH? Mucho! Mendocino Coast Acers? Mecca!

  11. i would like to say that the problems we began to face with bag tags were all addressed in the longer list of rules that were deemed to long. Here is my proposal of a New simplified version. It is still open to revision. Is there any thing anyone would add or remove???

    you only have to accept a challenge if its within 5 of your tag number

    you can challenge at any course,

    we agreed that at sunday tourney you have to accept a challenge if its within 5 unless you already have one pending

    you can schedule challenges

    you dont have to accept a challenge from some one you just beat

    players can choose to do group challenges

    you cant challenge the same number two weeks in a row at sunday tourney, (that way someone else can get a challenge in)?

    once again still open for revision, but once we agree on rules we should list them next to the course records

  12. Players must keep their bag tag with their discs.

    Players must have their tag with them in order to challenge another tag.

    Potential rule: the first player to challenge someone who doesn't have their tag with them wins the tag.

  13. In my opinion, 'club' is not a necessary addition to the name of our organization. "United Fliers of Sonoma", "Par Infinity" & "Chain Zombies" are examples of disc golf clubs who have managed to leave out the word 'club' and still get the point across. On the flip side, San Fran's club has the 5-letter acronym SFDGC. Too long unless it spells something cool, which it doesn't.
    "Mendocino Coast Disc Golf" seems fine to me, and implies that we are much more than just a club. We are an organization that puts on tourneys, does fundraisers, designs/consults on new coastal courses, etc.

  14. umm, i think that when disc golf is in the name it is appropriate to have the word club too,usually there is a location then disc golf club cause we are a club and all, but when its a mascot or something you dont need the word club like the chain zombies or basket cases or sky cats, it is hard to find something that has a ring to it like mfc, what about like when we do shirts and discs hyphenate mendo-coast, and it could still be mfc for short, i dunno just another idea


  15. i think we should do
    Mendocino coast disk golf on the logo and get it to hidden treasures soon(asap) cause it might take a few days to make the screen and i would love to get some stuff before willitts

  16. I second this idea--for now. And it's "disc", not "disk".

    But I have a really good idea for a mascot-type name:

    Mendocino Coast Chain Gang!

  17. Hmmm, Google seems to indicate there are already a lot of chain gangs around the country. But I bet we could come up with something cool and Mendo-specific at some point.

    Like, instead of the chuckers, the shuckers....

  18. hahaha...we could be the "basket cases" :) just kidding that was a joke :)

  19. Hola, mi amigos! Soy David. Estoy in Costa Rica. This is our last night in Costa Rica and I wanted to weigh in before we go out for dinner. I vote for keeping the word, Frolf. I am game for changing the name to the Mendocino Coast whatever whatever but I like the word Frolf...I think it is quirky and fun and fun is good. Anyways, I am looking forward to seeing all you and I am looking forward to Willits. Mateo, thank you so much for connected us with Mauricio...I will tell you all about it but I must tell all of you this...there was a disc golf course on the property we stayed at. I could putt from the living room and outside shitter. Love you all!

    Davey D

  20. willitts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1