Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last Weeks Results, MFC meeting

Hello Everybody-

I wanted to post last weeks scores and update the handis- But I don't have one of the scorecards from last week- I have mine but not the other groups.
Also I wanted to let everyone know there will be a MFC meeting this tuesday at frankies pizza in Mendocino, at 6:30 Pm. Many folks have expressed interest in a meeting and I think it would be good to do it before the KOA proam jam. (I would love to take down some fools with an MFC logo disc.) (I just had another fantasy where Erin is on the lead card on Sunday and aces hole #3, and Greg Barsby pulls the disc out of the basket and comments about how he wishes he had one that cool)
(I am not sure why I am putting everything in paranthesis)
- Parky

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