Monday, May 10, 2010

Bag Tag Preservation

Hey Kiddies: I wanted to post that one of our bag tags has been lost, and another was almost lost. While I investigate whether it is possible to reorder a replacement, I think we need to all do our best not to lose these things. The guy who lost his claimed that it was the fault of the metal loop on the tag, which he said kept opening up or something. I'm not entirely sure how this happened, but if you find that you have a problem with your tag or the metal loop attached to it, don't wait for the tag to fall off your bag and get lost: do something to protect it. That something might be reclamping the metal loop tighter with some pliers, or buying a metal keychain loop at a hardware store (they cost a nickel?) and put the tag on that. I have a cool mini carabiner which holds my tag. Do whatever it takes. It's inevitable that things get lost, and I'm sure I'll be the next one to lose my tag, but let's at least do our best to take care of these things. That is all.


  1. To further bag tag preservation, I propose the following rule: if you win someone else's bag tag, but discover after the match that you don't have your bag tag to give them, the victory is revoked, the loser keeps his tag, and gets to taunt you for being careless with our sacred bag tags!

  2. If I remember correctly we bought 50 bag tags, can't we use one of the 40 somethings to make a replacement. Like if we lost 6 scratch out the 4 on 46.