Monday, May 10, 2010

Roy Reigns Supreme on Mother's Day!

We'll need to find a fine photo of Roy for the blog, because he put the biscuit in the basket in a thrilling three-way playoff on a beautiful temperate Mother's Day and took home the big prize!

Eleven guys were rude enough to show up on Mother's day, and the weather cooperated, giving us fantastic conditions and just a breath of north breeze. Matthew kicked in two CTPs for us, at holes 3 and 15, and after deciding on teeing off old-school-style--that is, both groups going off on hole 1, and two big groups of 5 and 6 people at that!--we went out to set the course on fire. In my group, people had it going on! Put it this way: after nine holes, I had shot a bogie-free 5 under par, and I teed off at number 10 at the back of the bus! Birdies were flying, and I got so caught up in Ryan's start--he had 7 birdies in the first 9 holes--that I missed the stellar round that Roy was quietly putting together. You know that Roy...he'll knock down a huge putt and then sneak it out of the basket so quickly and quietly that no one even notices. And THAT'S EXACTLY THE POINT! He's a sneaky sucker, I'm here to tell y'all! Well we get to 18, and my group has some struggles getting through the uprights, shall we say, and Roy in particular seems to be having problems coming back through the uprights, and Matthew looks toward Roy quietly and shakes his head, as if to say "Ah, poor Roy, he really had it going today. What a shame." Little did he know Roy had everyone EXACTLY where he wanted them! We add up the scores, all set to send Derrick and Ryan up their top-o'-th'-world playoff, when the math suddenly reveals that we have all been duped: three players had shot 5 under their handis, not two! That's right, Roy had stumbled around on 18 just to keep things interesting--and probably just so it would hurt those poor guys even more when they lost in a playoff. I'm telling you, Roy is that PERNICIOUS! The guys march up the hill, and of course Roy nails it through the center of the uprights, while Ryan narrowly misses wide, and Derrick cruelly hits the upright. Roy's birdie putt makes his nefariously clever win official, while Derrick takes home the $10 second prize, Davey takes overall at 9 down, and myself and UTM bring home the CTPs: two beautiful bottles of Husch wine (Thx Parky!). All in all, a good time was had by all, and here's hoping all the mother's enjoyed having some afternoon time to themselves!

Hey, Matthew here jumping in on Jims Post- Here's last week scores

Also Derrick through out Wed May 19th for a Disc Golf Meeting. That works for me as well- any takers?

Rusty +4
Greg 0
Unleash The Magic -3
Dirka Dikendra -7
Davey "Che" Rica -9
Roy "Champ" -2
Rye Bread -7
Matthew 0
Jimmy Z -7
Jeremy "Epic" 0
Nathan "Backhand" 4

I am updating the Handis now...


  1. Thanks for the write up Jimmer...and might I add that my group was on fire! D-Roney was 6 or 7 under after 9, UTM (Unleash the Magic) was at 5 under, I was at 4 under, and G was at 3 under. Derrick continued his fire but he forgot to look out for Davey D for the overall (I went birdie, par, birdie on 16, 17, and 18). Big putt after big putt I must say that I was very impressed with my group's play.


  2. Davey, I knew you'd find an opportunity to tell us about the glory that is Dave...

  3. I couldn't let you guys forget about me while I am in Costa Rica...PURA VIDA!

  4. This is an awesome and awe-inspiring picture of our logo disc, but can we post that pic inside the plotter post, and get a pic of Roy up? Does anyone have one, and know how to make the switch? Sorry for my lameness on both counts.

  5. This is Roy's Ace picture. Hope that works.

  6. We need a pic of the disc up somewhere so I can show off what our really cool friend made.