Monday, February 21, 2011

19 Show for Bag Tag/Tee Shirt Deployment.

19 might be a new tourney attendance record? These days it seems entirely possible that 30 people could show up on any Sunday. Pretty cool.

Two weeks ago the MCFC held a meeting covering Ice bowl, course maintenance, club renewal and club member packages. 14 days later its all been covered-mostly. We pulled and re-concreted basket 11, set up new tee sign posts for 9 & 10, fixed #14 sign, and replaced s-hooks on basket 6. Thanks go out to the workers- Both Georges, Jim, Vince & his tools, Davey, Craig, D-rock, & Jeremy.

Players packs were ready except for the plotter made vinyl stickers. Jim came through with badass bagtags. Davey D came through with logo tee's in all sizes. $25 gets you all three.

Four full cards set out to determine who gets the best tags. After many a playoff everyone got their tags and the club is off and running. Davey do you have that list of tag holders? Lets update if you do.

Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Icebowl

So I hope you're sitting down, we raised an incredible $1434 and a enormous pile of food at our Icebowl. We'll have to wait a day or so for the total weight of food. This has exceeded my personal goals for this event greatly.

A.J did a incredible job hitting the streets and gathering donations as well as putting out barrels to collect food in several locations around town. Thanks so much A.J. Sorry I forgot to mention you during the "interview." I was rather scattered and ill prepared for it.

Jeremy did a lot of work at the course to help get it ready and brought 200 pounds of food.
Chelsey also hit the streets and gathered donations. Nate Dogg donated the most awesome bench in the world to the course, that will help improve the course greatly. Franny donated all those delicious treats and coffee that also raised quite a bit of money. Erin did a lot of work on the course and helped with the design of the new tourney layout. He also made the killer scorecards, and rented the flags for the course which I think looked so cool and added some really fun obstacles. Davey D got the MCTV involved and I'm looking forward to anther sweet video in the near future. Vinnie, Rusty, and Roy showed up super early and helped set everything up. Everyone chipped in and helped run everything too with selling raffle tix and handing out the tourney shirts, and weighing food, it could not of been as successful without all of you!
I would also like to apologize to everyone else I forgot to mention , or anyone I might of been short with, and thank everyone who showed up.

I am down at Franny's celebrating v day and left the score cards at home, so I will update this post with final results when I get home.

Erin H 86
Davey D 98
G$ 98
Derrick 101
A.J 102
Casey 103

Matt F 96
Dave M 102
Craig 102
Vince 105
Jeremy c 106
Jason c 106
Dennis H 109
Jake S 109
Johnny Q 112

youth pastor Chris 106
Jesse A 108
Joe H 114
Nate Dizzle 115
Roy T 117
Rusty 117
Brandon 125
Jason 126

Tom 118
Chris 121
Hawk 124
Whip 133
Ryan 140
Vance 169

Chelsey 71
Bronwyn 71
Marina 79
Meagan 80
Ilana 81
Franny 82

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Last Sunday

It was windy.
It was difficult.
E.H. won.
Vinny took second.
Congratulations gentlemen.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

trophy patches

hey guys here is the mock up of the trophy patches for our IB, Markus at hidden trausures is gonna make these for us, be sure to thank him if you see him around, also he is gonna take out the r in 1rst so it will just read 1st, they should be about 4 inches big (like davey)

pretty cool huh?