Monday, December 26, 2011


12/25/11 Holiday Christmas Frolf (or better known as Disc Golfers Anonymous) saw 9 participants: this writer (ds), Jimmers, Hems, Jubilee, G, Rye Bread, Rye Bread's bro-in-law MattyIce, Devan Hemmings (for the back 9), and little Ace Eldridge (Auden). Slight north wind maybe shifting at times didn't appear to take it's toll on many a players on this glorious day. We all played on one card and Jubilee (who is getting a lot of strokes) birdies hole 1 knocking down a stellar putt from the woods. Play continued and it appeared as if Rye Bread was walking away with the thing until the back 9 where G-Money came alive. While G and Rye Bread battled for the victory this writer had his eye on the number 1 tag. I was one stroke up on G for the overall victory when he parred 17 and I layed up for a bogey. We both went through the uprights and both of our discs rolled a good distance from the basket. I layed mine up and G ran his and it barely chained out leaving us both at -11 and leaving me with the number 1 tag and GeZee with the number 3 tag. I must say that G shot out of his head! There were several birdies on 18 such as Bread (don't count this guy out), Jimmers, and I think Ace Eldridge with the Banshee he stole out of my bag. Nice Work Lil Ace!

Results: G wins by shooting 9 under his handicap and Bread comes in 2nd shooting 7 under his handicap. Nice work fellas.

I now head to the Arizona Desert to spend time with family and my new nephew, Sylas. I will bring the MCFC spirit and the number 1 tag to a disc golf course in Tucson, AZ and represent and kick some desert arse!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

MCFC Meeting 12/21/11 Minutes...

Those Present: Chris V, Wip, Hawk, Nate, Rye, Hems, Vince, Natalie (off to the side), Ice Bowl Tom, Dirka, and this writer-Davey D.


New Handicaps
Bag Tags/Dues/Revenue
How things should be decided and how things shoud be voted on
Work Days
Planter Boxes
C Course/Playing C Course
Mendo Doubles Round

1. How Things should be voted on
It was decided (by a majority vote) that committees should be formed (ex. work day/maintenance committee or handicap committee) and in order for a committee to make a big decision they need 10 people to vote/agree with them. These votes could and should occur at Sunday Tourneys. At our our future meetings a representative from each committee will report on what the committee has been done since the last meeting.

2. Bag Tags/Dues/Revenue
Nate proposed to increase the dues to $40. It was decided that we would have varying player's packages priced at various amounts i.e. $25 for a t-shirt and a disc or $35 for a hoody and disc. Also, the overall consensus was to get new Bag Tags.

3. Handicaps
Rye Bread gave a run down on the countless hours of examination, mathmatical calculations, and arguing concerning our current handicap system. Nate brought up a good point that the club didn't vote on this change but after learning it is going to benifit him and everyone in the club besides Hems, Jimmer, and David it was agreed upon that we would try this new handicap/averages system. It was also agreed upon that the handicap commitee will consist of: El Presidente (Parkweather), Rye, Hems, Jim, and Davey D.

4. Work Days
The work days/maintenance committee consists of: Hawk, Chris V, Wip?, and Nate. An action plan is for Chris V and/or other members of the maintance committee to talk to College of the Redwoods and Jesse (the Dean) to confirm that we can maintain and/or alter the course.

5. Planter Boxes
This is too controversial to talk about on the world wide web...ask one of the attending members about the planter boxes.

6. C Course
It was voted on and agreed that the MCFC WILL start playing C course using the B course adjusted averages until we get C course averages.

7. Mendo Doubles
It was agreed on that there will be an optional 10am doubles round on every Sunday before the regualr tournament.

Other randomness after the meeting and questions: 1. When will Jimmy talk to Alan Carlson about expanding the Fort Bragg course to 18 holes? 2. We gave a little update on the rules and how the Coast Cup is being run. Some club members wanted to know why Manchester is not being played for the Coast Cup? A lot of pizza, beer, and soda pop was consumed!

If I missed anything please post.

Thanks everyone for coming and Happy Chrismahanikwanzikaa!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Club Meeting

2011 is coming to an end and so we usher in "The End" or, as it will be more commonly referred to as, 2012.
It is time for a MCFC club meeting. It seems to have been good to do it on a sunday either pre or post-tourney to include as many members as we can.
We should find a date that works with as many people as possible.
Comment with any dates that DON'T work.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Looking for data

I am looking for some data to fill in a few gaps in our tourney history.
If anyone can find the winners of the following weeks, it would be beneficial to my fact-finding efforts:
Nov. 27
Oct. 16
Oct. 2
Sept. 18
Aug. 28
July 17
July 10
June 19
June 12
May 29
April 10
April 3
March 6
Jan. 16
Nov. 21 2010
Nov. 14
July 3
May 25
May 18

I took info off of write-ups and these are the gaps.
Interesting results, but until we get these winners...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dark and Weather

Let it rain... nope.
Let it snow... nope.
Let it hail, sleet, wind and freezing rain... nope.
Let it be sunny and mild... Oh, yeah.

The second annual Dark and Weather, "The Dark and Pleasure", Disc Golf Tournament at the Willits KOA Disc Golf Course, went off with some surprises and a bit of the usual.

The biggest surprise was the absence of MCFC stalwart and CTD David "4" Stein. David expressed sadness about missing the tournament but due to a family emergency was forced to withdraw. We all missed you Davey and anticipate a strong showing in the next Coast Cup stop.

As usual all attendees were charged as much as possible by our hosts at the KOA campground. We did not, however, get lectured on the current California Statutes concerning our behavior on or off of the course. As it turns out though, staying at one of the Kabins or Klodges will kost you more money to play an afternoon of disc golf than if you rocked up at 8AM and stayed until dark. Luckily the management was lenient on us (how sweet of them) and told us that there was a loophole in the law that we could take advantage of. If we left the property and returned, the disc golf fee would be lowered from $10 to $4. Thank goodness the course is that fun.

Aside from the shenanigans at the desk of doom, the tournament itself was a success. All three rounds had separate winners and the new Special Tournament champion was crowned only after a strong final showing to beat out the field.

The first round had great conditions. Light wind out of the north, warm sunny skies and 14 frolfers amped up for competition. After 20 holes of frolf, D-Roc emerged the victor with a -8. Erin followed with a -7 and third place was a tie between Wip and G$ with -6.

A few hours later the competitors returned to the tee pads, this time with much cooler conditions and much less natural light. The moon provided just enough illumination to find our way through the gauntlet and the lights and glow sticks draped an artificial sheen on all the baskets. The teams went out and the leader board shifted. First place (in a playoff) went to Ryan, with a -7. Jeremy thus slipped down to second with his -7 and Wip showed a strong third and secured the lead in the overall with a -6.

The day dawned to frosty windshields and frozen water pipes. After some minor negotiations, it was agreed that the management would allow us to pay to play disc golf again. Their generosity was greatly appreciated, considering how horribly we treat the facilities (should I stop with the sarcasm... probably). Leaving the first tee the top three were:1)Wip 2)Ryan 3)Erin. Things did change. When the groups returned there was a new hegemony. The third round ended with George at -3 and in third place, Erin in second with a -7 and first place went to the new MCFC Special Tournament Champion...






Jason with a -10 and -16 overall (I guess his picture and heading took the drama out of my little vertical rasta descent).
Congratulations Jason, the proud new beneficiary of the MCFC Special Tournament trophy and overall lead in the coast cup. The final Dark and Weather order was 1st place Jason with a -16, 2nd place Erin with a -14 and 3rd place Ryan with a -11.

More detailed scores and points can be viewed on the Dark and Weather page just below the picture of our current Champion.

In other news, Sunday tournament was held parallel to the Dark and Weather and provided interesting results. Jason's -10 still held up but Matt F. (new poppa to Bailey) stole second with a-9, followed by Erin's -7. Solid scores in a strong MCFC showing.

Congrats to Jason and everyone who entered. This was a whole lot of fun and set the bar for the Coast Cup. Special thanks to everyone for setting up and breaking down the extra holes, bringing CTP prizes and sharing their positive vibrations. Here's cheers to our next CTDs, Jim and Matthew, as the Coast Cup pulls into Booneville, CA. More details to come...

Aloha, Pau.

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's On...

Yes like Donkey Kong. The crown jewel of the MCFC special tourney's starts tomorrow in Willits. Who will emerge as the next special tourney champ? Who was the last special tourney champ??? Could it possibly be as fun as last year? Will the owners verbally abuse their only paying customers? Will Derrick beat everybody in poker? Will I stop ending every sentence with a question mark? The only way to find out is to be there by 1 pm tomorrow!!!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Algerian Jackal

The setting: Hole 17 A course

Chris V turns to Davey D and says: "Davey, I think it is between you and me." Somewhere in the high grasses AJ (The Algerian Jackal) is laughing his head off. As we finish the round and tally the scores turns out the opportunistic omnivore Algerian Jackal wins the card by 1 stroke shooting 5 under his handicap. As the other members of jungle come closer to the jackal we find out that Dirka has tied the Jackal. Playoff hole...hole 11. As the Jackal is most active at dusk it is no surprise that AJ won the playoff hole, won the tourney, and then went to Splattys for his feastings! And that my friends is the story of AJ, the Algerian Jackal.

This is Davey D reporting from Mendocino, California.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Messiah of Disc

I thought posting a picture of Moses would inspire someone else to write words fitting of what has transpired amongst our humble gathering of friends and acquaintances, who gather several times a week with the spartan goal of hurling pieces of plastic into a basket made of chain, in the fewest throws as possible, to comment on what occurred this Sunday. But lo, much as the humble Shepard who first cast eyes with wonderment upon the most holy of thine, they stand agape, unable to find a way to express the sublime divinity of that which they have witnessed. May the words that I write be blessed by that which guides the Destroyer, to skip and wind its way through the darkness of the forest, only to be graced by its proximity to the basket. Let the Holiness which is our creator, bear witness on the 40 foot jump putts into the icy breath of the unforgiving wind. And let not the temptation of the darkness, which shall be named Jealousy, forbade our rapture for that which we would sacrifice our very soul. Let it be know that One, he namethed David, shall slay the record of Disc Golf, and that none but he namethed Hawk shall challenge in that honor. Thus, let it be written, for those who becometh, David the Dentist (he who beknownest as Davy "fucking" D) heretoforthough will be the King of Kings of the MCFC, for he has not once, not twice, and not thrice, but Four times overcome all those who would challenge his honor. From this day forward, we shall revere "Four" as the most holy of numbers, all those which are not named Four shall be deemed blasphemous. Five be too many, three to few. Two is right out. Finally, for all those who may follow the King, they shall reference any such disc golf events in his honor, and if a shot is blessed enough to find a true line, by the good grace of David, it will be due to the sacrifice of Him for all disckind. ("Hey, nice shot Jim" "Yes, thanks be to David") No other figures (though they be named "Ken Climo" or "Dave Feldberg") may be worshiped in his place or instead of his likeness. Let it be known.

Monday, November 7, 2011

For Davey-D and the boys, Sunday November sixth, two-thousand and eleven, will go down in the books as "The day Davey-D won his third "Mendocino Handicapped Sunday Tournament hosted by the MCFC in a row".
All three of Davey's rounds were Stellar:
  • -7 B-course
  • -12 A-course
  • -12 A-course (moon-lit three-hole playoff with Jeremy)
With a burdensome handicap, he managed three in a row and for that we Cheer.
There has been discussion for some time concerning the ability to even get three in a row with a mature handicap. Davey did it. Now, can he make it four?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

B-course handi update


I updated the B course handis. Hope you all enjoyed the Bag Tag Challenge Sunday. David continued his hot streak by shooting a blistering -12, winning the tourney and overall. There was a 3 way tie for second- I did not stay to see the outcome...


Thursday, October 27, 2011

5 Under, 7 Under, 10 participants, 3 Aces, Really?

10 players and 3 groups + beautiful conditions = Awesomeness! Groups consisted of Hole 1-Parks, Doggy, Dirka, and Wip. Hole 3-G, Vinny, and JesseChewInHisMouth. Hole 5-DaveD, James, and Hawk. Shortly after start time group 1 exploded in excitement and sure enough AceWeather runs to hole 2 and collects his ace and mentally collects his $100 (not so fast). About a 1/2 hour later we see G jumping up and down for joy for his frolf mate, Vinny...turnover on hole 7 BANG! In a related story, Parkweather starts subtracting his earnings. Me, Jim, and Hawk joked that a person in each group has to get an ace on this day. Well, I through my "Use The Force" disc on 18 and right away I knew it was good and I knew it was going through the uprights. I also knew it was high enough and before I could think anything else ACEEEEEEEEEEEEEE center of the chains. Well, $33.33 each boys! Other highlights in my round including: 1. Hawk parring hole 17 with a 75 foot upshot/putt from close to the basket of 7A and2. Jim and I going back and forth for the victory and number 2 bagtag.

What are chances of 3 aces with 10 players on the B course. We may never see this again in 100 years. I feel like I have been at other big PDGA tournaments where there aren't 3 aces. Well, Hemmies leaves for a week and all hell breaks loose. What does it mean?


Sunday, October 23, 2011

2012 icebowl right around the corner

Yes boys and girls the icebowl is fast approaching. i got big goals for this year. most of all im just hoping to make it bigger and better than last year. More money donated , more food gathered and more fun had by all. I got a good feeling that we will be able to get more golfers out here this year. ive been spreading the word at nor cal tourneys and think at least a few of my buddies out there will make the trip. There is a lot of work to be done and getting a head start is a good idea. so who wants to help. im hoping the club will step up again this year and help raise this years event to another level. so please contact me if YOU want to help. ive learned a lot from the past few years, most of all that a good tourney requires a lot of good people. one thing that comes to mind innitially is the raffle if we could gather some awesome raffle prizes early we could sell tickets early to anyone who wanted to buy them, not just disc golfers but anyone who wanted to support the cause, we kind of did this last year and i think it helped but if we get the raffle prizes together earlier i think we could sell a lot more tiks. just one idea, and i got a lot of them . hows bout you guys any ideas to make it better. or any volunteers for tasks.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nate Sawyer's A Victory!

In an unbelievable feat, Nate "The Doggy" Anderson (your local wood provider) won B course tourney. I have heard "The Dog" say that he hates the "B" course but not on this day as he shot 1 or 3 (I am not sure) below his handicap. This blog would like to congratulate Nate Diz on his amazing feat. GO DOGGY!

Also, the week before, Fort Bragg "Chew in his Mouth" Jesse won A course tourney shooting ?? Can someone post the scores?

In a related story The DETROIT Tigers afrom 2 games behind to win the ALCS and a trip to the WORLD SERIES...oh wait that only happened in my dream last night. The Tigers and Justin Verlander did win tonight to push it to a game 6 in Texas. Let us not forget that the Tigers beat the Yankees in New York in the decider game (that doesn't happen all the time). Go Parkweather, Dirka, J-Clapp and the rest of our MCFCers in the NorCal championships!

Davey D

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

time change: Doubles at 4:30 today, Ft. Bragg!


Jeremy stroked with class all day

to the tune of Jeremy, by Pearl Jam. I considered substituting "stroked our ass" or "smoked our ass" but thought that the double meanings might be misinterpreted. Jeremy is on a hot streak. Not only did he score 8 below his handi on our first B course round using the new handis (at our first fall tourney on a gorgeous warm, sunny day), he also won the A course tourney the week before, and aced hole 3 and tied for first at last weeks doubles round. Second place was Whip (whip it good) Whip (not sure of last name) who shot a stellar even par and finished on stroke behind (-7) Jeremy's -3 performance. Jeremy started with a 5p on one but caught fire, including birding 5 in a row at one point on the back nine. Hawk came in third, and won a celebratory nod, shooting three below his handi. Nice rounds gentleman. If anyone cares, and since I writing this post, I shot even, but using Ryan's SWC scoring algorithm (Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda) which he laid out in his last post, it was actually a -7!
Oh yeah I am going to the NorCal championships Oct. 14-16. Lets get a good showing of MCFCers out there, eh?

Hawk +8
Jesse +1
Matt F +2
Whip 0
David -2
Greg +3
Jason +8
Jeremy -3
Matthew S 0
Chris +5
Jim +2
Nate +5
Juballie +14

Friday, September 16, 2011

Here's How It Goes

Every member of the MCFC has there own coulda', woulda' and shoulda' been story. It often revolves around your score while standing on the the #17 tee box. I love the one where, "I was 1 under my personal best on #18 and I thought about laying up...". The game of disc golf is a marathon, not a sprint (even though A-course feels like one). Old Tom Morris decided on 18 holes for a reason, that reason is open to debate. Some say it was to stretch out the round to allow for mistakes and opportunities. Others say that there are 18 shots in a bottle of Scotch and therefore should allow for one bottle per round. Due to the regulations at the Mendocino Frolf Course I doubt that designers Erin and Rick Hemmings considered how many drags it took to finish a joint. Regardless, 18 holes is awholelotta holes and with wind, rusting of basket hardware and just plain bad luck, something is bound to fall out and leave us with a coulda been. I offer now, my version of "-5, -5 aint nothin', I coulda been..."

I like to play disc golf. I like to do other things too. This is a conundrum. I haven't been playing very much lately and my scores have shown it. I do, however, love the B-course. This alternate layout of the Mendocino Frolf Course offers more distance, obstacles and strategic play than the A-course. Where A is a "birdie or die course" (I first heard that term after the 1st round of Willits KOA Pro-Am Jam and found it perfectly descriptive), B tends to be "par and steady" and "get 'em when you can". This type of course plays to my game. That is why I was so excited when it was announced that we would be tournying on B. That is also why I was so disappointed by my first two scores. I thought I could play B consistently below par. I thought wrong. Things are just a little harder when Sunday Tournament is on the line.

My best score on B up until last sunday was -3. A hard fought -3. A I don't know how much better I could play -3. Not a coulda' been better -3. On sunday I shot -5 and thought, "Oh, that coulda' been...". I shot 9 birdies and had 3 bogies, one of them a double. My first bogey, and I hope George and Wip will collaborate my story, was on #10 (from the bullpen, through the trees and to A-course basket 4). I drove decent, laid up decent and left a 20 footer for par. With the wind, I put away my putter and opted for the mid-ranger and nailed it. I would have scribbled a 3 on the scorecard if my disc hadn't gone through the chains, hit the pole, then scrambled out the back. Mark it 4. The rest of the strokes came on #17 ( I nipped a cross branch, not a tree trunk on what looked like the upshot of my life from the aluminum bleachers; mark it 5) and #18 (one of those where you want to argue with the guys judging but you know deep down, "It was a little short"). That's how easy 9 becomes 5.

Wait there's more. I will now degrade myself as far as a man can go and look at the missed birdies (is he really gonna recount his missed birdies, we all miss birdies, man, come on, show a little restraint, a little style ((yes I am going to because it was what makes up the coulda', shoulda' and woulda' been theme of this post, man))). #7 is a birdie. I think it is the one hole that gets easier than its A-course brother. I drove it well, just didn't keep it on the stairs. I am willing to say that the put directly below the basket but down on the field is about 25 feet or shorter. I chained out; that's one. Next hole (which I chained out the ace the day before and shot the identical shot) was on line for the ace, skipped just below the basket and went down the line along the fence. 6 inches higher and it's an ace (did he just do the ol' "if only that one was an ace my score would be...?"((yes))). The last grudge towards the course was on #16. I fired my shot right where I aimed it (so you want to know where that is, cannot tell or everyone will start birdying it). The putt was longer than I would have liked but 30 feet was no problem that day and I missed inches to the right. Looking at it in a truly "coulda' been" fashion, I shot a -13. Now that's a score you can hang your hat on. Or not.

I guess I should also mention the putts on #2, #3, #5 and #12 that didn't exactly hit dead center and still stayed in. You might also be interested in #15 where I drove deep into the trees, threw my disc at the only hole in the trees, trying to make par, and heard that chime and clank that only means birdie. This falls under shoulda' been but we are making my score BETTER not worse.

In summary, I challenge anyone to recount a round that coulda', shoulda' or woulda' been better than -13. Let the blogging begin.
Aloha, pau.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Erin wins everything!

Oh, and Nate won tourney once and Erin's brother won doubles this week, I think...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

wheres my updates

Man you guys are really slackin!! how am i supposed to keep up with all the drama if no one posts the results, weren't we gonna make a routine of the 2nd place guy doing a write up or something, anyways ill tell ya a little about the stafford lake pro am, first round everything was in short positions, 24 hole and really not short at all, i had a good first round and was sitting pretty good , the 2nd round they moved a lot of the pins farther out making it pretty long, somehow do to a mistake i was put on the lead card when there was 1 or 2 guys ahead of me but i didnt mind it was my first lead card experience in adv, then i shit the bed pretty hard, it was sooo hot and exhausting playing this course twice in one day a physical challenge to say the least, fell way back after that round, there was camping at the course but it was pretty late (almost dark) by that point so we just hung out with some golfers and then past out in our tents, jason clapp did really well the first round too iu think he was in 2nd place after his first round but suffered a fate similar to mine to fall back a little after the second round i believe he finished pretty well though like 6th or so in adv masters, i learned a lot and feel like i will be able to hold my own in this division before to long, the last round was sooooo long like 6 or 7 holes that were over 500-600 one that is over 1000, really long and tough uphill over trees brutal layout, kicked my arse for real, what i failed to think about was everyone was getting hammered and if i could of held on just a little better i could of finished way better, ii think a few mcfcers are heading south to visalia to play this coming weekend so i wont be at sunday tourney again : (

but i hope to read all about the action here on the blog, i hope we can get a crew together for vacaville its fun and pretty close guys, erin ill buy you in if i get 1/2 your winnings : )

peace out and frolf on

Friday, August 19, 2011

MCFC Jones!

Hey guys just wanted to say The Brodys are missing their favorite disc golf club of all time! Jody just kicked some major girl butt in her first Advanced PDGA showing taking 3rd and shooting her two best rounds ever. I caddied for her and had a blast watching her hang with these girls. Her and I are both flicking now and really happy to have that shot in our bag. Hope you are all doing well and hope you guys kick some Nor Cal ace in the next few months. Hope to see you all sooner than later.
The Brodys

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hello ladies and gentlemen,
dirka D roc dekendra here with some info on upcoming nor cal series tourneys, first off this ones right around the corner and not really far away,stafford lake is really close folks its not a nor cal event but who cares right lets go play this awesome course that is right around the corner

stafford lake open
august 27th-28th
novato ca

the next one is really far away but it is at a REALLY nice park with two courses, this park is over 100 years old and has 100 different species of trees , there is on site camping. j clapp , starkweather , and myself are all planning on going already lets get some more folks together for this on my summer disc golf tour is the gold pan , its the 33rd year for this event folks
its palyed on 3 diff courses around the sac area. it will be a lot of fun. Its the weekend of sept 10th-11th

Gold Pan Open

Sat, Sep 10 – Sun, Sep 11

Rocklin, Auburn and Orangevale, CA

A NorCal Series and PDGA B-Tier EventDownload Flyer

then on the 17th and 18th is one thats a little closer for all u shut ins who dont like to leave the coast

Its a fun one folks and pretty close by,,,,

but then the very next weekend down on the coast where we know how to handle the wind and more comfortable temperatures, fresh from having all the best players in the world stomp all over its improved tee pads and such, is the jelly jam in monterey. Its a ways away but its a good time for sure . there is a sponsor hotel that gives golfers a good deal on rooms and its right across the street from some practice baskets, i think me and my buddy brett might be bringing our girls to this one cause there is lots for them to do in monterey while we are golfin

Jelly Jam at Ryan Ranch

Sat, Sep 24 – Sun, Sep 25

Ryan Ranch Park, Monterey, CA

A NorCal Series and PDGA B-Tier EventRegister Online
then last but not least one of my favorite courses is hosting the nor cal champioships this year im really excited about it

NorCal Championships

Sat, Oct 15 – Sun, Oct 16

New Hogan Lake, Valley Springs, CA

with dubs on the 14th

i believe there is onsite camping for this one as well , its the championships folks lets do this thing!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"B" Rady

Just the facts here folks, just the facts:

1. The sun was shining
2. It was windy
3. 14 players...11 paid
4. 2nd place winner fresh off the softball field: Matt F. shooting +2
5. 1st place winner also shooting the best overall score: The Humboldt Hammer AKA
B-roundBrady Even Par
6. Noone shot under their handicap
7. I not only pooped myself, I also peeed myself but birdied the tone pole hole
8. It was windy

May the peace of the world and light of your souls shine through each of you...Go NFL Football and congrats to Nate Doss for winning Worlds although if Hemmies would of been there it might of been a different story. Go Giants, Go Tigers, Go Lions, Go WNBA, 49ers suck! Viva USA soccer! Pugs Rule! Last but not least - Free Che Guevara and Willy!

Ad Rock (DaveyDingle)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Boontfling 2011

Davey beat me to the punch by about 15 minutes. Don't believe anything you read on his post. The Grateful Dead don't always suck, just most of the time and ACDC rocks harder than anyone but don't have the stage presence of The Who or the virtuoso of Zep. Greatest song ever... "Love and Happiness" by Al Green

For anyone who doesn't follow the drama of the MCFC, you probably aren't reading this blog page. I will assume all of you know what the Boontfling is, and why we celebrate it so vigorously. What you may not know, especially if you did not attend the second annual event, is that the first prize for each division was... BEER FOR LIFE. This is the first tournament that really played to my sensibilities. If you can play the course in the least amount of strokes, in your division, you win a growler that may be filled up for free at the Anderson Valley Brewery saloon. I wanted that prize. I could taste the cold, hoppy flavor of victory right up until the last hole of my second round. I can't say that the cold beer for life didn't play into my melt-down on 7. At the end of the day, Daveythedon'tsayitain'tsoStein was in the lead for AM1 with a -7 and Jim was his closest club rival with a -2. Jason led the Master's division with a -3. Our very own Erin Hemmings was just in the middle of the field for Open (second place as there were only three players). The run for the beer was on and it would end in celebrated and controversial fashion.

Sunday opened with a new format (at least for this neophyte) that had each group going out on hole 1 (the pond) in consecutive tee times. There was some discussion of the pros and cons around the camp the night before, but it did prove exciting. When the scores came in there was movement on the cards. Jim, Matthew and I finished a hole ahead of Davey and the leader card. As it was, Jimmy shot the last five holes -5 and led our card with the best single round score in AM1 of -6 and a weekend total of -8. Matthew and I fought the "Battle of the Chase Card Basement" that ended with an 8.5 rated drive on 20 by yours truly (yes I parked it closer than Jim, a feat in itself) and a birdie to win by 1 (Ryan -2/ Matthew -1 (I love playing with that guy)). With a bit of questioning we found out that none other that Derrick "Dirka" Robbings chimed in with a -5, leap-frogging Matthew and I into 6th place overall. Jason had shored up 1st in Master's as Davey and Erin were finishing up. Davey came in with a respectable score of +/- 0 and lost his lead to Jim and 1st place to Bagger Bagsalot (Jim argued to no avail that Bagger had entered the tournament as an AM2 and got bumped up to AM1 and won the thing with a -9 and should not be allowed to win the BEER FOR LIFE award because of this issue. (If he didn't win, our very own Jim Eldridge would have won the prize.)). Davey took third and got the taster glass, Jimmy second with the pint, Erin got second and secured his pint with a total -19 (the third/ last place open player gave a speech (?) that officially declared Erin the best flick putter within 100ft.) and Jason was the biggest hardware winner of the club with a win in the Master's division and the collection of his growler (Did I mention you get BEER FOR LIFE with that?).
In an important note, our own shirtless Brady (not the shirtless cheater) aced 17 on the fly. Nice shot, I hope it keeps you coming out for more.

Great tourney guys. I thought the best thing about the pay out was that the script could be used for beer in the saloon shop. With a case of IPA cans in stow, I ventured back to the cold, foggy reality of the coast and more of the usual (put the fence up, take the fence down, put the fence up...). I had heaps of fun playing and camping with everyone and look forward to more MCFC tournament sieges. Aloha and let's find a TD for our next Special Tournament.

Miscellaneous Charges, Sancho B. Red, and MCFC Represents!

I had a weird nightmare last night that a troll like figure, an apparition if you will, inhabited one of the MCFC members and made him do things like smoke unknown substances and eat unknown meats. This force continued on and changed all the dice under this MCFC member's dice cup into all 2s. He started with 5 dice but he had 6 2s. This didn't just happen once it happened several times.

The nightmare continued and it must of been the Gnome again because another one of the MCFC members went on to compare ACDC to the legandary bands of Led Zeppelen and The Who. If that wasn't enough the Nymph stated that the Grateful Dead sucked! Was this force attempting to boggle the minds of the MCFC? Well, it worked! Was this "being" attempting to turn the MCFC members against one another? I have a message evil inhabitant, "It could never happen evil force!"

The nightmare continued on and went something like this: I, David Stein, had the lead and was in first place for 2 out of the 3 rounds only to finish in 3rd place and get overtaken by some Sandbagger from Oakland and Birdy Eldridge.

This nightmare suddenly turned into a sweet dream filled with heavenly creatures feeding the MCFC members grapes, earthly bloody steaks, and succulent Mendocino County wines.

The dream continued and reminded me of the good times the MCFC had at the Boontfling 2011: good times, laughter, Dirka dancing, Brady acing, dice, chanting, MCFCes cheering each other on, Davey D going from playing 3 rounds in the past 3 months to coming in 3rd place and having a fridge full of beer, many of the MCFCers placing and winning script, Birdy Eldridge coming in 2nd in Advanced, Hemmies coming in 2nd in Open, J-Clapp coming in 1st place in Masters and having a lifetime supply of growler beer, many MCFCers winning raffle prizes, Parkweather didn't pee on anyone this year and didn't lose his tent, and an overall good time was had by all.

By the way I had some miscellaneous charges on my debit card...about $100...does anyone know about this?


Sunday, July 24, 2011


What up fools? Well, the daveymiester (Davey D, RapMasterFlex, Beastie Boy Number 4, The Great White Hope, The Dentist) makes his return on a foggy day where the Mendo Frolf Club (opps, I mean the MCFC) decided to mix things up and play a B round. What balls! I love it! I love it so much I am actually posting on the day of of the match...who won last week? I don't know because people are too lazy to flex their finger muscles...I am looking for some agression and for people to at least to tell me to fuck off (I might regret this tomorrow). Question? Was this the first time tourney played other than "A" course? We voted on this a while ago and now we are fruiting this objecive...once again-I LOVE IT! By the way where is the number 2 tag...oh, Dirka has it and probably won't be showing his face for a while. Dirka, my gimpy self with my gimpy arm officially challenges you on the interweb? BAM, let it be known...I want that number 2 tag.

Anyways, on to the frolf! My card consisted of: Moi (french for me), Dizzle Dog (Slang for Nate), J-Clapp, and Craig. J-Clapp and I were battling the whole match while Nate Dog knocked down 2 - 70 foot putts but somehow managed to shoot over his handicap (but had the 2 best shots of our card). I eeeeked out Clapp by 2 strokes shooting a respectable even round for my first round back from a gnarley rotator cuff/shoulder/arm injury. J (fresh off an injuruy but before that WORLDS MASTERS TOUR) shot a 2 up (1 over his handicap) took our card and 3rd place.

The real story here is Mr. B-Weather Starksalot Parkwheather who shot an impressive 2 under...winning the tourney and tieing our very own pro player Hemsalot Hemweather. Nice win BcourseWeather!

The other real story here is who is playing in next week's BOONTFLING?

I love y'all! It's good to be back!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Full Moon Fever

I talked to Derrick today and found out there is full moon night round tonight at 9:00 Pm at the fort bragg course (our new home course) Bring money, glow discs and lights and a stick to push the drunks passed out in the bushes off your errant drive. I am planning to be there and win. BTW- I thought that the name change was a joke till I noticed the blog was now called "FBFC". Well I am a little bummed because I had a brainstorm for a new logo that was based on the letter "M". How about the "CR2" club (college of the redwoods chain ringers) or the HDDH? (harbor drive disc huckers) Just an idea. I do think we should include the mendo course some how. How about the FBFCOYASGFMT? (fort bragg frolf club, oh yeah and some guys from mendocino too)


Oh yeah and how about this Fort Bragg picture for the new backdrop of our website:

Monday, July 4, 2011


Sign up for this years Boontfling Disc Golf Tournament July 30-31.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunday Recap

Sunday the 26th of June marked a first for our small club tournaments. There was a unprecedented 7 way tie for first!! A minus two handicap score was recorded for Jim, AJ, Nate, Vince, Matthew, Erin, & Wip. The previously famous decider 'Top of the world' has been axed in favor of the difficult but more fair number 11 gap shot. This new playoff hole proved effective in eliminating five of the seven, leaving just Wip and Jim with birdies and onto twelves tee pad. Both made good drives but were 30' short. Jim made his putt dead center, and Wip who seldom misses putts inside 30, missed low.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Breaking News

This just in, there will be a meeting held at the former golf course property on Saturday. They are looking for ideas to use the property. The premise is that the MCPRD can not afford to maintain or develop the property but are willing to hear ideas from groups that may want to use it as a regional park and maintain it themselves. I'm not sure what time the meeting is but the flyer was at the CV Starr center and I gave it to Johnny Quest. Call him. I have to take an employee to the airport on Sat. but if someone advocates for a disc golf course at that meeting, maybe our club could spearhead and design the course.
P.S. We should do a float in the 4th of July parade.

KOA - Kinda Off da hook ya All

Kind frolfers-

It has been awhile since I have written a real, honest to goodness blog post, not just some late night half-hearted beer-tinged snide comment such as "no, really, your mama said to hold that shit!".
Well my esteemed readers, this night is the night when I return to my literary roots, my latin roots, as it were, and, as I am sure my extremely intelligent and well educated audience will infer, the latin root of literary is debatable. Some think the root is "litter" as in " I littered bogeys all over my scorecard", or "Liter" as in " I drank 10 liters of beer before I tried to have a rap battle with Dallas". Either way, I am sure that most of you are skeptical by now if this post will have any point or will just be a wandering train of thought with no good substance. While, if I were a betting man, I would put money on the latter (not to be confused with litter), I will still attempt an informative and, perhaps, if the gods of the keyboard permit, entertaining discussion of what happened last weekend. (P.S. I will not mention at any point the fact that nobody wrote up my 7 stroke win 2 weekends ago, or wonder out loud if there was any regular Sunday tourney last weekend)
Sooooooo- well a bunch of us went to Willits last weekend. The weather kinda sucked ass. It was pretty much rainy, cloudy, windy, cold, muddy and wet the entire time. I think the sun might have come out Saturday afternoon, or it might have been the one round of lairs dice where I was playing well so it just felt nice. We played disc golf. It was kinda hard. I had a fun time.
It was really nice to see so many "new" club members come out at play in the tourney. When I showed up on Friday, our club had Hawk, Whip, Chris, Greg, Jeremy, Jake? (I think) and Craig playing doubles. By Saturday we also had Me, Derrick, Jim, David, Nathan, Ryan, Rusty, Jason, Erin and AJ join the mix. I think we can fairly say, the MCFC represented.
I have a bunch of thank you's, so here goes. Thanks D-roc and Double-D for getting the campsites (and G for hooking up the Depot!) Thanks to Franny, Dirka, Ryan and Kara for the delicious food. Thanks G and David for joining me in rap battling all the other crews friday night. Thanks AJ for playing Sunday. Thanks Jake, Nathan and Hawk for come out and watching my rounds and having such a good attitude. Thanks Craig, AJ, and D-roc for playing with me. I could keep going on...Thanks everybody!
Many people played well. I am going to cheat on this one, but I think the following people got paid: Erin shot -16 to place 9th in Open (oh btw you are supposed to say "yeah" after each name) In Am 1 D-roc shot -7 to finish 12th, I shot -4 to finish 17th. In Grandmaster Flash, G shot 10 up to finish 4th and in rec, Hawk finished at 12 over for second (including a -6 second round! holy shmolys!) and Nate "Bags-a-lot" took third at plus 18.
Did I miss anything? Ok so the recap was not a literary masterpiece. Then again, the tourney wasn't that pretty either. But kinda like the 2nd choice girl you took to prom, things worked out, you had a good time, and in the end, maybe you got a little more out of it than if you had the date you were hoping for. Lets us hope this isn't the last dance for the MCFC.

Friday, June 3, 2011

fort bragg thurs recap

just a brief write up on Thursday handicap at fort bragg

pretty fun round for sure in my card was Jeremy, G$, D$, Johnny Quest, and Andrew, i kinda fell of early with only one down on the front, but g and Jeremy were battling pretty hard and it was fun to watch, but G fell off in the back(unusual for him) Jeremy held on to finish with -6, everyone is saying it, but Jeremy has gotten way better in the last 6 months or so , hitting long puts and developing a nice backhand, E hemmmings came out to establish a handi crushing the whole field with 11 down, i held on with a bogey free back and two birds on 17 and 18 to finish 3 down, missed some easy putts and had some bad luck and some just plain terrible shots, BUT the big story is a awesome tie for first shooting 7 under there handis , Johnny Q and Whip, sent them off on a playoff and big JQ takes his first win at fort breezy, really exciting to see this he had a awesome round, the best hes shot out there,with a huge bird on 13 from way out, Thursdays are heating up hope some more of yall can make it

Monday, May 23, 2011

Windy Conditions Bring Out His Best

Today I look back on Erin Hemmings performance and I am in awe. With a field of 10 paying players and 1 adding to his list of tourney scores, Erin beat the field by 12 strokes. Yes, there were only 18 holes on the course. I played my guts out. If it were a still day, I might be upset about the near misses, the chain-outs or even the double bogey melt-down. It was not a still day. It was a windy day. It was a very windy day. Reports showed 35kt. gusts from the NNW. After finishing my round and seeing a +3 handicapped score, I took stock in my opponents. It was going to take an even or under round for most of the players to beat me. I knew I had my card beat and Nate Dogg looked to be the best bet for competition. Erin, with a -8 handicap was out of the picture, in my assessment. I could not have been more wrong. -10! -2 handicapped! Beat the field by 12 strokes and handicapped score by 3 (Nate Doggy Dog scored +3 which left him a +1 handi (impressive)). Jim and I tied at +2. You accept mistakes in these conditions. As a frolfer, you know the risk for running at the basket in the wind, so you play conservative, try to protect your score. Erin shot a -10. Congrats to him and everyone else who showed up and played their hearts out.
Aloha and till next time, "Keep your head in the trash can, there's bound to be something good in there eventually."

Monday, May 16, 2011


wow first off i got to say that this picture of vinnie with a condom on his head is priceless ive added to my phone so when vinnie calls it pops up. so ill do a breif recap of tourney with none of the creative writing skills of some of the previous recaps, seemed like there was not a lot of great scores out there in the south wind. Vinnie took home the loot with 5 under his handy playing a consistent and solid round, i know my game sure wasnt on, G had a hot round with seven down and was gracious enough not to tease me about taking my bag tag, erin only shot 10 down geez he sucks j/k, jimmers tried for the threepeat but could not pull it off, there was a three way tie for 2nd with jeremy, j cobb, and G$ all tied with 3 below there handi, and i believed weve come to some rough group consensus to maybe add a new playoff hole to be more fair for right and left handed players, we will have to work out some details but i think its a good idea.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Discraft Ace Race

Just an idea for the club. Lots of fun courses your way that would be a great set up for this format. I have attended a few of these and hosted a similar event. Both attending and hosting were fun and easy. here is a link to the specifics of the event. You can sell Mulligans to raise money for the club as well. Hope you are all doing well and kick some major inland ace at the Pro/Am Jam.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sign up NOW for the KOA Pro/Am Jam on June 4th and 5th!!!

I just signed up, and the thing is already two-thirds full, with momentum gaining. We need a FULL CREW of MCFCers to take over that joint, pillage the winnings, and fully REPRESENT! I only saw a handful of our peeps on the list: Davey, Derrick, G, and Erin. I probably missed a few of you whose full names I don't know, but make sure your name is on that list! The link to the list already offically signed up is here:

The link to sign up NOW is here:

And below is the flyer. Too much fun to miss! WOOOOP.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jim Won, Wooo

Wow, incredibly cool, Jim won. Awesome!

On my behalf, I will say that it was a good round. Not only a bogie-free 11 under, but an 11 under without birdieing holes 3, 13, or 15--three of the shortest easiest holes on the course. The longest putt I made all day was maybe 20 feet. On days like that, it's an easy game. And it leaves you wondering...why isn't it easy every time? Or even the majority of times??

Anyway, yay for Jim. See ya Sunday, when I will no doubt be back to normal...

Well I Have to say Jim kinda stole my thunder. I was all ready to write up this amazing recap of the Sunday tourney, culminating in the grand revelation that the winner was Jim!! At eleven down!!!

So you already know that. I also wanted to post this really cool Stanford logo on the top (which looks like s#$t) and then change the text color to black ,so you could read it (but failed). Webmaster help me!!!

Anyway so it was a really great day. It was really sunny and not that windy. There were 14 of us playing, in four groups. I can tell you in my group, Patrick played the best round, which included 7 birdies on the front nine. Unfortunately for him, there was a couple of double thrown in as well. Greg shot -6, and Rye Bread -5, which left smiles on there faces.

In the end, our group ended first, followed by two more. Inexplicably, Jim's group had like 7 more holes to play. So we all sat around for like 45 minutes while they played, lost discs, and took their sweet time. Two Ukiahians, Patrick (at 4 under handi) and George (at 5 under handi) sat in the cool coastal breeze, waiting patiently to collect their first and second place prize. Little did they know that in the gangle of laggards, Jim was quietly ripping the course a new a-hole. He sauntered up, took $60, and left as the champ on this day.
Winners of CTPs were Me, and I think Jeremy and Jim (correct me if I am wrong)

OK should I post scores here or just enter them in the spread sheet. (sorry I am new to the club)


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Willits wendsdays

Willits Wednesdays, hey all i hope to start hitting willits more often to practice up for the tourney there. anyone want to go play a round Wednesday noonish. i hope to get out there the next few Wednesdays, i think there is still plenty of room on the registration list but i wouldn't wait to long to sign up for the tourney.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Who Would Win?

AJ? He shot -6...NO! Nate Dizzle Dog? He shot -3 (-5 his handy)...NO! DaveythemuthafuckaD? I shot -10...NO! Apparantly 10 under gets no play these days. Grilled G? He went 9 under on the front 9 and ended at -8...NO! ErinHemmiesHemulous? He shot an UNBELIEVABLE -15 with an ace (sorry ace pot lovers)...HELL NO! The winner on this day, who resurrected her disc golf carrer, would be none other then Lindsey the Linznater Hut Master L! Linz, as she was teaching 2 other women how to play the sport of frisbee golf, played an unfathomable -1 (8 under her handicap) round. For those of you who missed it on Sportcenter the interview went something like this...

David: So Linz, how did you do it?
Linz: Well David, I was born a winner and a natural disc golf champion. I will soon be traveling all across Guam to teach the sport of disc and instead of building houses I will be building frisbee golf courses which will all have my name in them. The first course will aptly be named, "Lindsey Rock City".
David: So Linz, how did it feel to win on this day?
Linz: Well David, it only felt natural. I took some time off the sport to work on my other hobbies including: kangaroo rescue in the outback, duct tape art, whale riding, miming, vodka drinking, and baking cookies but it was time for me to return to the game that I was born to do. This might sound weird but I was actually born with a frisbee in my hand and my first word (chuckle, chuckle) was frolf.
David: You were born with a frisbee in your hand? This must of been hard on your mother but unfortunately we are running out of time. Stuart, back to you in the studio.
Linz: David, I would like to say one more thing...I would like to thank my friends and family and all of the kangaroos I rescued in the outback for making this special day possible.
David: And there you have it, what a champion! Mia Hamm and the Williams sisters, eat your heart out.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Steady Ed memorial in santa cruz

Both Amateur and Pro fields are limited to 150 players each. If the field becomes full, you will be put on a waiting list and notified if any spots become available. Currently, we have around 85 Am & 50 Pro registered players.

hey guys i am signed up for this tourney, i think Matthew mentioned being interested in heading down for this, Davey too ,Group trip??, anyone else want to head down maybe rent a vacay house for the weekend or somthing we could even rent a mini van for the weekend too it wouldnt be that much theres always good weekend deals on car rentals, ill be at tourney on sunday

Saturday, April 16, 2011

wheres my updates

come on guys , i live for all your witty banter, wish i could be there more but i fear i will only miss more sundays as the summer continues, gonna go see yonder mountain string band in sac with the brodys this sunday hopefully i can make it next sunday.

also its time to start thinking about KOA, registration is up online and i hear the kabins are sold out already, i havent checked though,i think i might try to stop by there tomorrow and see whats available. anyways good luck

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Kid Is A Natural!

Well, it is a good thing we didn't start tourney at 2:30pm becuase it was raining like a muthafucka but turns out 3:30pm was Awesome weather and no rain! There were 3 groups and shortly after "START" was shouted, the first shot of the day by Vinny Vincenzo Vincesalot takes the $100 ace pot. This marks Vinny's second ace pot collection. He hit hole 3 on the fly...nice shot Chenzy! Well, Matt F. once again shot a solid round (-6) to go 7 under his handicap and win the pot again! There was a 3 way tie for second place (shooting 5 under handi) between: Hemmies, Cody, and G. Top of the world saw Hemmies take the second place standing. Score of the day belonged to Hemmies -13...DAM...-7 on the back nine. Once again I had the 9 holes of the day shooting 8 under on the front 9 unfortunately I couldn 't do anything on the back nine and actually/literally sharted on hole 16 and 18 and finished at 8 under. Anyways, it was a fun day! We are doing a practice "C" course round on Saturday April 2nd to show people the course. I forget what time?? Hemmies, what time did we say? daveykeeponfrolfinginthefreeworldstein

Friday, March 25, 2011

Late Recap/Good turnout

Late Re-Cap: Sunday offered a well timed, and well-com'ed hole in the weather. With only 1 short downpour, it was the best disc conditions in weeks! We had 18 players.

So many new members are coming out every week and most have true handicaps, with another 4 added to the list just this week: Wip, Hawk, Chris V, and Ryan T. Welcome Boys! We can all expect record cash payouts in coming weeks. 20p x $5 =$100!

This week my group included Wip, George, Nate, & Chris V. Random groups are great. It was interesting to see how these new guys have improved. George has great control on what I consider a tough shot; the turnover flick. Chris V has a natural hyzer spike, though not always intentional. Nate continues to improve his putting with a finesse pitch putt. Wip on the other hand lazers his putts hyzer style, and is solid from 20'. Everyone was under par through the front 9 and all have the potential to become neg handicappers. When did these guys start throwing? A few months ago? I better step up my game...

This weeks winner, Jesse, knew he had a good handicap going in and he capitalized, which as we all know is tough to do on command. He shot his best tourney round yet and took the loot. Textbook win bro.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Streak Continues...Barely!

It wasn't looking good as Hemmies and I (Davey D) were staring at each other at 2:25pm with the South wind blowing hard and the rain coming down hard. All of a sudden Craig and Craig III (Craig's son) walked down the hill and were up for a game. 4 (3 paying) brave (stupid?) souls teed off on hole 1 and commenced to play a round. This was not for the faint of heart...the course only gave up one birdy on hole 2, no birdies on hole 4, and some 5s and a 6. Well, as all the towels were soaked and Giants hats dripping (pretty nice we finished the round with Hemmies winning, shooting 2 over his handicap. None of us shot below their handicap making this round null and void...thank goodness. Scores were as follows:

Hemmies: -6 (sick fucking round yo!)
Davey DD: +3 (I 6ed hole 5...thats never happened before. At least I birdied 18!)
Craig: +11 (He pared hole 14 with 3 crazy shots including a par save from his knees in the tree.)

Anyways, there ya have was one of those days where no putt was safe...obviously.

Happy Frolfing!

davey d

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ice Bowl Video

The video above is the low res version, if you want to view it in high resolution go here:
Select 480p when you get there.

Thanks go out to MCTV for the radical special effects! My only complaint is I wish more players made the reel, oh well..

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Davey shoots -12, Jimmy shoots -10 but low and behold Matt F wins!


Sorry for the late recap but I figure better late than never. It was a beautiful sunny day with hardly any wind. Many Frolfers took advantage of these conditions to put up stellar numbers but Matt F. breaks the record (of a handicapped round) shooting -9 (15 under his handicap). I wonder if Matt F. has been improving and practicing? In related news Dennis shoots -7 (7 under his handicap) to take second place. Nice job fellows!

We had 20 people show up on this day (which may be a new course record) and 12 or 13 payed players...many others were getting scores in order to get their handicap secure and in place.

The club is growing and I wanted to mention here that our very own Jimmer Eldridge has been working on an MCFC Players Book outlining our mission statement, rules, rules/guidelines of the high school, and generally pitter patter. Some of us old timers have been hitting the streets getting the word out about some of the high school rules that we HAVE to follw including: 1. NO ALCOHOL USE AT THE HIGH SCHOOL, 2. NO SMOKING OF ANYTHING (that includes over the fence line), and 3. NO PLAYING THROUGH SPORTING EVENTS. The high school and the principal have already thretened to pull out the course and baskets and we are still on probation. In the past we have followed these rules loosely but it is now time to follow these rules without question! We will have a players meeting tomorrow before tournament to go over these again.

Happy Frolfing!

Davey D

Monday, February 21, 2011

19 Show for Bag Tag/Tee Shirt Deployment.

19 might be a new tourney attendance record? These days it seems entirely possible that 30 people could show up on any Sunday. Pretty cool.

Two weeks ago the MCFC held a meeting covering Ice bowl, course maintenance, club renewal and club member packages. 14 days later its all been covered-mostly. We pulled and re-concreted basket 11, set up new tee sign posts for 9 & 10, fixed #14 sign, and replaced s-hooks on basket 6. Thanks go out to the workers- Both Georges, Jim, Vince & his tools, Davey, Craig, D-rock, & Jeremy.

Players packs were ready except for the plotter made vinyl stickers. Jim came through with badass bagtags. Davey D came through with logo tee's in all sizes. $25 gets you all three.

Four full cards set out to determine who gets the best tags. After many a playoff everyone got their tags and the club is off and running. Davey do you have that list of tag holders? Lets update if you do.

Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Icebowl

So I hope you're sitting down, we raised an incredible $1434 and a enormous pile of food at our Icebowl. We'll have to wait a day or so for the total weight of food. This has exceeded my personal goals for this event greatly.

A.J did a incredible job hitting the streets and gathering donations as well as putting out barrels to collect food in several locations around town. Thanks so much A.J. Sorry I forgot to mention you during the "interview." I was rather scattered and ill prepared for it.

Jeremy did a lot of work at the course to help get it ready and brought 200 pounds of food.
Chelsey also hit the streets and gathered donations. Nate Dogg donated the most awesome bench in the world to the course, that will help improve the course greatly. Franny donated all those delicious treats and coffee that also raised quite a bit of money. Erin did a lot of work on the course and helped with the design of the new tourney layout. He also made the killer scorecards, and rented the flags for the course which I think looked so cool and added some really fun obstacles. Davey D got the MCTV involved and I'm looking forward to anther sweet video in the near future. Vinnie, Rusty, and Roy showed up super early and helped set everything up. Everyone chipped in and helped run everything too with selling raffle tix and handing out the tourney shirts, and weighing food, it could not of been as successful without all of you!
I would also like to apologize to everyone else I forgot to mention , or anyone I might of been short with, and thank everyone who showed up.

I am down at Franny's celebrating v day and left the score cards at home, so I will update this post with final results when I get home.

Erin H 86
Davey D 98
G$ 98
Derrick 101
A.J 102
Casey 103

Matt F 96
Dave M 102
Craig 102
Vince 105
Jeremy c 106
Jason c 106
Dennis H 109
Jake S 109
Johnny Q 112

youth pastor Chris 106
Jesse A 108
Joe H 114
Nate Dizzle 115
Roy T 117
Rusty 117
Brandon 125
Jason 126

Tom 118
Chris 121
Hawk 124
Whip 133
Ryan 140
Vance 169

Chelsey 71
Bronwyn 71
Marina 79
Meagan 80
Ilana 81
Franny 82

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Last Sunday

It was windy.
It was difficult.
E.H. won.
Vinny took second.
Congratulations gentlemen.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

trophy patches

hey guys here is the mock up of the trophy patches for our IB, Markus at hidden trausures is gonna make these for us, be sure to thank him if you see him around, also he is gonna take out the r in 1rst so it will just read 1st, they should be about 4 inches big (like davey)

pretty cool huh?

Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday before sunday but after sunday.

Johnny Quest(ion) defeated myself and the rest of the field with a smooth performance. Having finished his yearly dispersal of gifts to all the good christians of the world (Yes, Johnny is Santa Claus), he was in proper focus for a dismantling of the MCFC elite. All accounts pointed at an "impending sense of greatness" that surrounded the Sunday Champion throughout the round. I, for one, question his use of a skeet launching device on his longer drives but let's leave that debate for the PDGA scholars. What I found to be to his advantage was his ability to realign himself molecularly and turn into the image of his choosing (a shape-shifter). Whether putting as a rhinoceros or a purring house kitty, Johnny was knockin' 'em down. Raise your hand if you have ever seen a cactus picking up birdies on the back nine. My hands are still on the computer. Cacti, though very much living, breathing organisms, do not have a muscular skeletal system. Unlike members of the kingdom animalia, cacti can not pick up, throw or retrieve a frisbee. Although there are no rules against one playing, cacti are generally not invited to disc golf outings. They tend to be sharp and rigid. Cactus or no cactus, human beings make the best disc golfers. Followed by dogs (based on most rounds observed), gorillas (distance wins in the end), chimpanzees and robots (which will climb up the list until they dethrone the humans). Let us band together in the fight against mechanized disc golf. It is our role as worker ants to help train one another for distance and stamina. We never know when it will happen but anyone of us could be the next John Henry of disc golf and have to battle the robots in a 198 hole marathon match. Maybe if they are gentlemen they would accept a doubles challenge. At least we would have two looks at each shot. They would be robots and it would be like two of the exact same shot (so much for precision). What I'm saying is that Johnny is not a robot and won the Sunday tourney with a -4 handicapped round. No robots placed in the top three.

Monday, January 24, 2011

14 people turn out, 3 new members, the JETS lose but J-Cob wins!

Let me first start off by saying that the weather (not parkweather...although this tournament was dedicated to him...again) was phenomenal and so was the least from J-Cob. The man shot a -7...9 under his handicap...when will this guy's handicap match up with his skill and play. Questions soon to be answered...I hope. Anyways, we had 3 groups and 3 new members joined and payed their $20...Chris, George, and Patrick...Welcome! An 8 year old named Bryant played in my group and let me tell you the kid has a flick. J-Cob, you better watch out for this kid in a couple of months. The highlight for me was when he parred hole 16. Where was Rye Bread and Arvin Julius on this glorious day...watching the JETS game? Craig Mack took second place shooting a -3...5 under his handicap. I think Hemmies shot the best round shooting an -8 or -9. Well, another tourney in the books and it appears as if the club is growing and growing. After the tournment a couple of us hung out and discussed getting new bag tags and re-upping our yearly dues. Hopefully the bag tags will come in time for the Ice Bowl and we can register and re-up or dues. We also talked about having another meeting before the Ice Bowl maybe in 2 weeks. What about Sunday 2/6/11 somtime before tournament? Lunch time (12noon) at Frankies? That is Super Bowl Sunday so I don't know if that is an issue for folks. Anyways, HAPPY FROLFING!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hemmies Heroic Heave!

Well, let's just call Erin's entire round on Sunday a, "Heave". Shooting 9 under par on this windy gale force day was nothing to shake a stick at (or a tree in those conditions). Hemmies was the only person to shoot below their handicap and with the exception of this worker (you know I gots to pump my own shit up) the only person to shoot below par. Congrats to HemHaw for winning a tournament with a -8 handicap. Second place was a tie between yours truly (the Davey D) and J-Cob (Jason) which took us to Top O' The World where something happened that I have never witnessed...J-Cob hit the light pole and almost took out the light and his disc ended on the hill above basket 7. Needless to say it was a tough shot from there but if he hadn't hit the pole the onlookers verified that he would of went through the uprights. Well, Hemmies wins gold, Davey D gets the silver medal and J-Cob bronze. We had a big turn out on this day with 3 new players and I think a total of 15 or 16 players (13 paid customers). The ace pot lives to see another day and the #1 tag goes to NicaraguaWeather. Are we going to let soontobetropicalweather take the coveted #1 tag to La Jungla? Someone challenge that guy.

In related news: J-Cob wins CTP of a Ginger Brew and $10 gift card to Harvest and Davey wins a thong?

Can someone post the scores?

davey d boo hoo ducks

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Bang

Nice Win Matthew! 10 down...Can someone else do the write up? I'm just the photographer.

"The weather was exceptional, the conditions ideal and the competition fierce.
Seeing as how Matthew won with a -10 it may seem odd that I will relate my own round but it was because Matthew was not in my group and I didn't see his play.
I started on #3 and didn't miss a birdie until #7. At which point I went on a tear and birdied #8 through #11. -8 after 9. The wheels never fell off, but they didn't hum with the sound of smooth tarmack. I never got anything else going. Negating my two more birdies with bogies on #13 and #17. Interestingly I got -8 on the front 9 proper as well as -8 after my first nine holes. -8 was the score and I thought it would hold water. That is until I saw the wry smile on old SplittingMendoWeather's face. -10. Let the couldas, shouldas and wouldas remain in the didn't catagory and the next time mother nature gives us a round like that...

-Ryan Magee

Here are some photos from January 2 2011.
Some videos too: