Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jim Won, Wooo

Wow, incredibly cool, Jim won. Awesome!

On my behalf, I will say that it was a good round. Not only a bogie-free 11 under, but an 11 under without birdieing holes 3, 13, or 15--three of the shortest easiest holes on the course. The longest putt I made all day was maybe 20 feet. On days like that, it's an easy game. And it leaves you wondering...why isn't it easy every time? Or even the majority of times??

Anyway, yay for Jim. See ya Sunday, when I will no doubt be back to normal...

Well I Have to say Jim kinda stole my thunder. I was all ready to write up this amazing recap of the Sunday tourney, culminating in the grand revelation that the winner was Jim!! At eleven down!!!

So you already know that. I also wanted to post this really cool Stanford logo on the top (which looks like s#$t) and then change the text color to black ,so you could read it (but failed). Webmaster help me!!!

Anyway so it was a really great day. It was really sunny and not that windy. There were 14 of us playing, in four groups. I can tell you in my group, Patrick played the best round, which included 7 birdies on the front nine. Unfortunately for him, there was a couple of double thrown in as well. Greg shot -6, and Rye Bread -5, which left smiles on there faces.

In the end, our group ended first, followed by two more. Inexplicably, Jim's group had like 7 more holes to play. So we all sat around for like 45 minutes while they played, lost discs, and took their sweet time. Two Ukiahians, Patrick (at 4 under handi) and George (at 5 under handi) sat in the cool coastal breeze, waiting patiently to collect their first and second place prize. Little did they know that in the gangle of laggards, Jim was quietly ripping the course a new a-hole. He sauntered up, took $60, and left as the champ on this day.
Winners of CTPs were Me, and I think Jeremy and Jim (correct me if I am wrong)

OK should I post scores here or just enter them in the spread sheet. (sorry I am new to the club)



  1. And just a shot back, and winning a healthy 10 buckaroos, was George, who shot a fab 6 under his handi! Nice work George. Look at it this way--at least you didn't have to buy the beers at Patty's after the round...!

  2. Nice Win Jimmers-

    I'm glad to see that bag tag #1 is still vulnerable. Matthew, you can plug the scores into the handi's, but I still need the list of scores for the weekly's.

  3. good job jim, i hope to see all you guys this sunday

  4. Hey Matthew-
    Can I get last weeks scores? Thanks dude.

  5. Last weeks scores:

    Jesse +3
    Patrick +2
    Matthew -2
    Matt F -3
    Vince +3
    George (not rusty) -2
    Greg -6
    Jason +2
    Johnny Q. 0
    Nate +1
    Chris +13
    Jeremy -3
    Jim -11
    Rye -5