Monday, May 9, 2011

Sign up NOW for the KOA Pro/Am Jam on June 4th and 5th!!!

I just signed up, and the thing is already two-thirds full, with momentum gaining. We need a FULL CREW of MCFCers to take over that joint, pillage the winnings, and fully REPRESENT! I only saw a handful of our peeps on the list: Davey, Derrick, G, and Erin. I probably missed a few of you whose full names I don't know, but make sure your name is on that list! The link to the list already offically signed up is here:

The link to sign up NOW is here:

And below is the flyer. Too much fun to miss! WOOOOP.



  1. p.s. By the way, if you sign up online via the link above, don't forget to put the $10 non-PDGA-member fee in your shopping cart if you are not a PDGA member. Cool.

  2. I'm in, but I forgot to out in the 10 fee. They'll probably ding me at the tourney.

  3. Ok I will sign up right now. I talked to D-roc Sunday and he's got two camping spots, and Davey's got one, too. Talk to one of them if you want to camp.
    Jim forgot to mention that he won tourney again (two-peat) shot -8, won the #1 tag from Erin and beat me and Derrick in a playoff. He better enter Open or I will call him a bagger.
    I will be at Fort breezy doubles today, hope to see you foolios out there-


  4. JimmyMcJimmerson,
    Thanks for the post and the Willits reminder/flier. I am not sure we necessarily need 3 camping spots?? I guess it depends on how many peeps are coming. I think you can have 6 frolfers at each site so as it stands right now 2 sites would be sufficient. I think I would have to give KOA 2 weeks notice to cancel so lets figure it out. Also, are we having a meeting at 1:30pm this Sunday (5/15) at Frankies?? Nate Dizzle Dog mentioned this. Can everyone make it?


  5. Yes Nathan called a meeting for Sunday 1:30 at the clubhouse (frankies)
    I will announce willits at doubles round. I think we will end up wanting all 3 spots for sure.


  6. NicholsLaneWeather-Yeah, you are probably right...3 spots will be the dilly-o. By the way is that Jimmy's hand leaving with the disc? That is a crazy throw and I thought I had problems. AWESOME PIC HEMMIES!



    Above I said that the tourney is 2/3 full already. I went in to the official site today, and I still wasn't on the list of registered players. Then I noticed that the list is exactly 100 people long. And not getting longer. That made me think that maybe their list template on the site only goes to 100, and that many more than 100 had already signed up. So in other words, I think it's entirely possible that the tourney is almost full. Three words:

    SIGN. UP. NOW.

  8. Dear MCFCERS-

    less than one week until the tourney!! Whew hoo! Just wanted to let folks know I am planning to leave about midday friday. Who wants a ride? In addition to a canopy, cornhole, xmas lights, tables and a blender, I was thinking of bringing a four man tent. Any one wanna shack up with me or should I just sleep in my tent.