Monday, May 23, 2011

Windy Conditions Bring Out His Best

Today I look back on Erin Hemmings performance and I am in awe. With a field of 10 paying players and 1 adding to his list of tourney scores, Erin beat the field by 12 strokes. Yes, there were only 18 holes on the course. I played my guts out. If it were a still day, I might be upset about the near misses, the chain-outs or even the double bogey melt-down. It was not a still day. It was a windy day. It was a very windy day. Reports showed 35kt. gusts from the NNW. After finishing my round and seeing a +3 handicapped score, I took stock in my opponents. It was going to take an even or under round for most of the players to beat me. I knew I had my card beat and Nate Dogg looked to be the best bet for competition. Erin, with a -8 handicap was out of the picture, in my assessment. I could not have been more wrong. -10! -2 handicapped! Beat the field by 12 strokes and handicapped score by 3 (Nate Doggy Dog scored +3 which left him a +1 handi (impressive)). Jim and I tied at +2. You accept mistakes in these conditions. As a frolfer, you know the risk for running at the basket in the wind, so you play conservative, try to protect your score. Erin shot a -10. Congrats to him and everyone else who showed up and played their hearts out.
Aloha and till next time, "Keep your head in the trash can, there's bound to be something good in there eventually."


  1. Let's bring this intensity to Willits and let's see a #1 in Open, AM1, AM2 and rec.

  2. WOW, Erin Hemmies is my disc golf hero! 10 under in the wind...nice win Hemulous!


  3. Can I just say that the picture on the blog is creepy and disturbing yet riveting. Obamaweather for President!