Friday, June 3, 2011

fort bragg thurs recap

just a brief write up on Thursday handicap at fort bragg

pretty fun round for sure in my card was Jeremy, G$, D$, Johnny Quest, and Andrew, i kinda fell of early with only one down on the front, but g and Jeremy were battling pretty hard and it was fun to watch, but G fell off in the back(unusual for him) Jeremy held on to finish with -6, everyone is saying it, but Jeremy has gotten way better in the last 6 months or so , hitting long puts and developing a nice backhand, E hemmmings came out to establish a handi crushing the whole field with 11 down, i held on with a bogey free back and two birds on 17 and 18 to finish 3 down, missed some easy putts and had some bad luck and some just plain terrible shots, BUT the big story is a awesome tie for first shooting 7 under there handis , Johnny Q and Whip, sent them off on a playoff and big JQ takes his first win at fort breezy, really exciting to see this he had a awesome round, the best hes shot out there,with a huge bird on 13 from way out, Thursdays are heating up hope some more of yall can make it


  1. Is that putting game you guys have been playing Perfect Putt 360? I tried that today and I'm wondering what some high scores are.

  2. back to back aces at fort bragg dubs on tues... thats right first brady hits a blind ace on 14( as the other group is still putting out( fore), then jesse hits a thumber skip in on 15... exciting times in fort breezy they shared a hundred dollar bill.

  3. WOW! 2 aces in one round. We went so long with no one acing and then 2 aces. Did Crash come? Who won?