Thursday, June 9, 2011

Breaking News

This just in, there will be a meeting held at the former golf course property on Saturday. They are looking for ideas to use the property. The premise is that the MCPRD can not afford to maintain or develop the property but are willing to hear ideas from groups that may want to use it as a regional park and maintain it themselves. I'm not sure what time the meeting is but the flyer was at the CV Starr center and I gave it to Johnny Quest. Call him. I have to take an employee to the airport on Sat. but if someone advocates for a disc golf course at that meeting, maybe our club could spearhead and design the course.
P.S. We should do a float in the 4th of July parade.


  1. I am willing to go to this. Who wants to come with me? Should we dress in suits? Or at least a button down shirt so they know we mean buisness? What is Quest's phone number? I want to find out what time this meeting is for.


  2. davey i would go with you , do we know when the meeting is, if i am here i would def go

  3. I would also like to go, if possible (I have to work part of that day). Let's figure out the time. Anyone have JQ's number? Or someone could call the CV Starr Center? Also, Erin would be a good advocate on Saturday, as he has designed and installed a course here on the coast already.

  4. shit i didn't see it said Saturday, ill be at the highland springs tourney, but i would really like to help out. ill try to put together some stuff you could use when u go there to show the meeting. Stuff like a list of benefits of disc golf and how it improves a park, ive seen a lot of stuff on the web to this intent. ill see what i can dig sure would be cool to have something for them to look at and, you should perhaps talk about the club a little like when erin and his dad put the high school course in and club growth and icebowl ect, just a couple ideas

  5. another idea...if we could get a course installed we should offer to maintain it as a club . a lot of clubs have m.o.u's memorandum of understanding , agreements that they are officially responsible for the maintenance of a disc golf course on county property

  6. Found the info for the meeting on the front page of the Advocate news today. Here's a link:

    It sounds to me as if the meeting is from 1 to 3pm on Saturday at the property, which is located 12 miles east of Summers lane on Hwy 20. interesting parts of the story:

    ~ The property is on the market for 2.9 mil. Things like this aren't selling right now, but you never know. They may be unwilling to have a course built on land they are trying to sell. On the other hand, the argument could be made that having the MCFC build (and pay for) a course would add value to the property.
    It's interesting to me that they are opening the place to use now, when it is now actively being marketed for sale.

    ~The land is owned by the MCRPD--that's right, the same entity going broke bc of the CV Starr Center.

    At any rate, we need to try to get some presence at this meeting. i'm supposed to be working during that time...but I'll see what I can do. Who else is in?

  7. Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know I am missing 2 discs- both at ft. Bragg- my orange champion glitter masters cup hurricane, and my yellow starfire. Please help!

    Also I will bring the tourney box today. Why no one bloggy bloggy?