Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunday Recap

Sunday the 26th of June marked a first for our small club tournaments. There was a unprecedented 7 way tie for first!! A minus two handicap score was recorded for Jim, AJ, Nate, Vince, Matthew, Erin, & Wip. The previously famous decider 'Top of the world' has been axed in favor of the difficult but more fair number 11 gap shot. This new playoff hole proved effective in eliminating five of the seven, leaving just Wip and Jim with birdies and onto twelves tee pad. Both made good drives but were 30' short. Jim made his putt dead center, and Wip who seldom misses putts inside 30, missed low.

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  1. Thanks for the write-up, Erin. Yes, that was the coolest playoff I've been in, for sure. I liked the tee-off-in-order-of-age touch too. Quite gratified to have come out on top of the biggest playoff in MCFC history! And 11 seems to be a good separator as a playoff hole, even if it is another right-to-left hole.

    My question is: who put all the product in my hair in that picture? And slipped the inner-tube under my shirt?? And anyone else notice what a tight control I have on my dog? The truth is...I use him as an aiming device. Note how he is carefully pointing the way to the basket...