Monday, May 16, 2011


wow first off i got to say that this picture of vinnie with a condom on his head is priceless ive added to my phone so when vinnie calls it pops up. so ill do a breif recap of tourney with none of the creative writing skills of some of the previous recaps, seemed like there was not a lot of great scores out there in the south wind. Vinnie took home the loot with 5 under his handy playing a consistent and solid round, i know my game sure wasnt on, G had a hot round with seven down and was gracious enough not to tease me about taking my bag tag, erin only shot 10 down geez he sucks j/k, jimmers tried for the threepeat but could not pull it off, there was a three way tie for 2nd with jeremy, j cobb, and G$ all tied with 3 below there handi, and i believed weve come to some rough group consensus to maybe add a new playoff hole to be more fair for right and left handed players, we will have to work out some details but i think its a good idea.



  1. I hear the argument about the playoff hole. This argument does deserve a counter-argument. The Championship 18 has real one and done potential. If we were to change it we would have to look at an alternative with as much or more of that possibility. Righty or Lefty, a good player should have that shot. If a right handed player does not have a backhand, or a left handed player does not have a forehand, that is a weak spot of their game that can be corrected with practice. I started out as a primarily flick style player. Mendo's course forced me to learn a backhand. Championship 18 was not chosen with the intention of singling out certain styles of play, just making a good, exciting playoff hole. If we over think the righty/lefty advantage thing, we might end up with a bland playoff hole that ends up carrying on to the next righty/lefty advantage hole.
    Honestly, I'm not for or against changing the hole. I just thought I would clarify the slippery slope we may be treading up.

  2. Dirka,
    Thanks for the post buddy. Where is the write up on the dice games at Splattys after the frolf round? Anyways, I love how the writing underneath Chenzy says, "Vincenzo is the Man"...I am not so sure after looking at that picture. I LOVE IT! Whose picture is this? It must be framed, printed, and posted all around Fort Bragg. Who wants to take on this project? Vinny will never be President of the United States if the MCFC has anything to say about it. I enjoyed Rye Bread's argument to changing the playoff hole. Maybe we should change holes 15 and 16 because it favors lefties and/or flickers says cynical David (who hasn't played disc golf in 2 1/2 weeks and has some pent up anger). Those abalone and fish better watch out, dammit!


  3. omfg. that picture of vince is a little too much. Lets make sure he does not win next week.

    Matthew headedforlastplaceinAM1atthemasterscup Starkweather

  4. yeah good point rye, i think that the shot does favor right handed backhand throwers, which is most of us. if a lefty doesnt have a flick its a real hard shot for them, or if a right hand person doesnt have a backhand there in the same boat, the difference between holes 15 and 16 is that its part of the 18 that everyone has to navigate, and a playoff hole is one final hole that is final death so i think a playoff hole should be fair to rightys and leftys. im not sure what a solution is but thats my take on it

  5. I'm all bummed. I left my Yellow Star Gator near basket #7 on Sunday. If anyone finds it I would be hugely grateful. I believe it still has Jim's name and number written on the rim. I NEED this disc for willits.

  6. dont worry erin im pretty sure its been found and matthew has it