Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Algerian Jackal

The setting: Hole 17 A course

Chris V turns to Davey D and says: "Davey, I think it is between you and me." Somewhere in the high grasses AJ (The Algerian Jackal) is laughing his head off. As we finish the round and tally the scores turns out the opportunistic omnivore Algerian Jackal wins the card by 1 stroke shooting 5 under his handicap. As the other members of jungle come closer to the jackal we find out that Dirka has tied the Jackal. Playoff hole...hole 11. As the Jackal is most active at dusk it is no surprise that AJ won the playoff hole, won the tourney, and then went to Splattys for his feastings! And that my friends is the story of AJ, the Algerian Jackal.

This is Davey D reporting from Mendocino, California.

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