Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Messiah of Disc

I thought posting a picture of Moses would inspire someone else to write words fitting of what has transpired amongst our humble gathering of friends and acquaintances, who gather several times a week with the spartan goal of hurling pieces of plastic into a basket made of chain, in the fewest throws as possible, to comment on what occurred this Sunday. But lo, much as the humble Shepard who first cast eyes with wonderment upon the most holy of thine, they stand agape, unable to find a way to express the sublime divinity of that which they have witnessed. May the words that I write be blessed by that which guides the Destroyer, to skip and wind its way through the darkness of the forest, only to be graced by its proximity to the basket. Let the Holiness which is our creator, bear witness on the 40 foot jump putts into the icy breath of the unforgiving wind. And let not the temptation of the darkness, which shall be named Jealousy, forbade our rapture for that which we would sacrifice our very soul. Let it be know that One, he namethed David, shall slay the record of Disc Golf, and that none but he namethed Hawk shall challenge in that honor. Thus, let it be written, for those who becometh, David the Dentist (he who beknownest as Davy "fucking" D) heretoforthough will be the King of Kings of the MCFC, for he has not once, not twice, and not thrice, but Four times overcome all those who would challenge his honor. From this day forward, we shall revere "Four" as the most holy of numbers, all those which are not named Four shall be deemed blasphemous. Five be too many, three to few. Two is right out. Finally, for all those who may follow the King, they shall reference any such disc golf events in his honor, and if a shot is blessed enough to find a true line, by the good grace of David, it will be due to the sacrifice of Him for all disckind. ("Hey, nice shot Jim" "Yes, thanks be to David") No other figures (though they be named "Ken Climo" or "Dave Feldberg") may be worshiped in his place or instead of his likeness. Let it be known.


  1. WriteUpWeather,

    I would like to first thank you for the Awesomely Awesome blog post but Moses? Spartan? Shepard? Holy Thrine? Sublime Divinity? King of Kings? Thanks be to David? Comparing me to the likes of Ken Climo, Dave Feldberg, Erin Hemmings, and last but not least James Birdy Eldridge? This has gone too far. "What does it mean"? My fellow frolfers, I am a mere lover of this sport, an advocate of this game. I just throw the plastic thingy towards the silver looking basket with chains and it goes near it! I would like to thank my parents: Nancy Louise Stein and Myron Sanford Stein. I would also like to thank the MCFC, Patterson's Pub, and of course JAH!

    P.S. Nate Dog said that if I won 4 in a row beers would be on him...Nate Diz, when are we going to Splattys?

    Long live Frolf!

    Davey Fuckin D

  2. good job davey , wish i was there to try to stop ya, hope to see ya in some more nor cal tourneys next year