Monday, November 7, 2011

For Davey-D and the boys, Sunday November sixth, two-thousand and eleven, will go down in the books as "The day Davey-D won his third "Mendocino Handicapped Sunday Tournament hosted by the MCFC in a row".
All three of Davey's rounds were Stellar:
  • -7 B-course
  • -12 A-course
  • -12 A-course (moon-lit three-hole playoff with Jeremy)
With a burdensome handicap, he managed three in a row and for that we Cheer.
There has been discussion for some time concerning the ability to even get three in a row with a mature handicap. Davey did it. Now, can he make it four?


  1. Check out the two new pages on the pages list.

  2. Scene 1: Davey D is climbing up a tree somewhere in the Red Wood Forest and Rye Bread reaches out his hand, grabs Davey D's hand as to lift him up, and hits him on the head with a candelabra. Davey falls to the bottom.

    Scene 2: Davey begins his ascent upward towards the forbidden "double digit" treehouse. Davey D reaches the top. Rye Bread drops a Hulk Hogan legdrop on Davey D and Davey D stumbles to the bottom again.

    Scene 3: A dizzy Davey D, once again, climbs and climbs and is nearing the top. Rye Bread thinks to himself, "he has earned it" and lifts Davey D up to the treehouse.

    Scene 4: A stunned Davey D, who has only heard of this forbidden Nirvana, sees other members of the MCFC hanging out and having a good time drinking sweet spirits, eating succulent foods unknown to other men, and laughing aloud. Davey joins in on the fun when Rye Bread pulls Davey aside only to lure him to another unknown realm.

    Scene 5: Rye Bread portals Davey to another land where the spirits are even sweeter...where the food is even that more succulent...where the laughter and good times are that more intensified. Davey asks Rye Bread what is this place...Rye Bread cracks up in laughter.

    Scene 6: Rye Bread and Davey D sit in the most content place in the universe and Davey turns to Rye Bread and asks the name of this world and feeling. Rye Bread with a twinkle in his eye says "Threedom". Davey says, "Freedom". Rye Bread answers, "No, my friend, "Threedom". Davey contemplates this with just one question..."Rye, wouldn't it be great if other MCFC members could join us?". Rye, with only a smirk that could come from Rye, answers in a Yoda meets Obi-Wan Kenobi way, "All in due time my friend". Both Rye Bread and Davey D laugh in the most purest kindest laughter as the sun sets over them.

  3. Bread,

    Thanks for the write up and thanks for whoever put up the new pages.

    Davey D

  4. Yeah Bread-
    Thanks for the write up. It has been so long since the mythical 3 peat that I think some may have forgotten you were sitting up in that tree house all alone. I wanted to do a write up, but didn't. Mine would have included details about MY game, so it is probably better that I didn't. Hey are there anymore Darkenweather flyers left? ANyone going to GloDubs (6:00 2nite?)


  5. Davey & Rye Bread sitting in a tree....

    I really tried to beat you davey! You had some serious finish to pull of that threepete. I wish I had more of that. If nothing else you woke my inner dragon and I'm ready to up my game, (mostly because I have to.)
    I'm in for Glow.


  6. Club,

    In the million (or 5) years we have been playing has there really only been 2 ThreePeats? I wonder if we can look back at the data and check it?? I can't go to glow but can you guys remind people that tourney next Sunday is at 2:30pm? Thanks and have fun.

    Davey D

  7. Two things about this threefeat:

    First, with all due respect to Rye (and hats off for stepping up and writing the first post--typical Rye-Bread class), I have to reluctantly say that it is probably the most impressive three-week stretch I've seen in the MCFC. I and others have put together equally impressive two-week stretches, only to stumble or not quite dominate in the third week. Davey's -7, -12, -12 were not only the best handicapped scores (tied with Jeremy on the third week) but also the best OVERALL scores for all three weeks. That is crazy. For example, I lowered my handicap and average score by at least a stroke, if not more, over that period, putting as well as I ever have, and playing some damn good disc in often windy conditions, and all I got was two second place finishes. Bastard.

    Second issue: we all bailed on him after the three-peat instead of having the raucous Patterson's celebration, with the numerous pitchers paid for by him, that he deserved!! I think we have to make this up to him this week. As much as I detest having fun like that, I think it's the only responsible thing to do. I am gone Friday and Saturday nights, so it has to be tonight, tomorrow night (Thurs.), or Sunday or later. What do you guys think??

    Nice work Davey! You're the man.

    p.s. The fourpeat is NOT going to happen. Just letting you know now.

  8. as one who is ALWAYS down for a raucous, libatious, outrageous, and all the other -ous words at Patty's, I feel obligated to point out the reason I did not let David buy me pitchers on Sunday was because his significant other/girlfriend/partner had scheduled a viewing of the movie Twilight at his house, at 6:00 PM. This is a movie that people who are not male like to watch. Thus I had to return to my adobe to watch my offspring whilst the non-male adult in my family watched teenagers biting each other. I would also like to humbly submit to the courts, before I am deemed to have "bailed" on our dear friend, that this was not the first, not the second, but the THIRD time in a row that our local disc golf master, David, had allowed the scheduling of such female activities on a Sunday evening, thus ruining a time slot previously reserved for me and all others who were not female to enjoy the aforementioned -ous's at Patterson's.
    I feel it is time to start another paragraph. I would happily celebrate David's kicking my sorry little a$# tomorrow. I would have to get Laura to babysit, as I have now entered into an agreement with my wife that she leaves every week for several days at a time to attended dance classes in the Bay Area, while I work, take care of the kids, clean the house, and negotiate a peace settlement for the Gaza strip. For those of you who have not figured it out yet, my nights off are Sundays and Tuesdays, sometimes a Friday or Saturday as well.
    I also feel obligated to mention that although I have been playing Sunday tourneys like a left handed three year old crack baby, I have been playing lights out in other venues, such as fort bragg doubles, the pitcher doubles series, and heads up vs. God (I mean David) in Fort Bragg. My only goal is to be a stone cold, ruthless disc golf assassin who will take all of you down while laughing.

    So who's in tomorrow? (and I will ask Laura for the night off...)

  9. PattersonsWeather,

    I am down! I think I would like to have dinner at Splatty's! There is also a Thursday night bullriding opps, I mean, NFL football game...our very own Mendocino opps, I mean Oakland Raiders at San Diego Lightning Bolts! Who is in?


  10. Don't think I can make it. We are celebrating the closing on Mamcita and Pop's new house in Cleone. Margaritas and hot tubs, oh la la.

    Here's cheers.

  11. I'm IN! Can anyone make a quick round of disc beforehand??

  12. Jimerson,

    I work until 5pm and then I have to go home so I don't think I could squeeze in a round. Patterson's update: Nate Dizzle Dog is IN. Oh, I heard there is a long distance throwing contest at Patterson's tonight...does that mean Hemmies is showing up?


  13. What time are you blowing into Patterson's? By the way, I like Racer 5.