Monday, August 29, 2011

wheres my updates

Man you guys are really slackin!! how am i supposed to keep up with all the drama if no one posts the results, weren't we gonna make a routine of the 2nd place guy doing a write up or something, anyways ill tell ya a little about the stafford lake pro am, first round everything was in short positions, 24 hole and really not short at all, i had a good first round and was sitting pretty good , the 2nd round they moved a lot of the pins farther out making it pretty long, somehow do to a mistake i was put on the lead card when there was 1 or 2 guys ahead of me but i didnt mind it was my first lead card experience in adv, then i shit the bed pretty hard, it was sooo hot and exhausting playing this course twice in one day a physical challenge to say the least, fell way back after that round, there was camping at the course but it was pretty late (almost dark) by that point so we just hung out with some golfers and then past out in our tents, jason clapp did really well the first round too iu think he was in 2nd place after his first round but suffered a fate similar to mine to fall back a little after the second round i believe he finished pretty well though like 6th or so in adv masters, i learned a lot and feel like i will be able to hold my own in this division before to long, the last round was sooooo long like 6 or 7 holes that were over 500-600 one that is over 1000, really long and tough uphill over trees brutal layout, kicked my arse for real, what i failed to think about was everyone was getting hammered and if i could of held on just a little better i could of finished way better, ii think a few mcfcers are heading south to visalia to play this coming weekend so i wont be at sunday tourney again : (

but i hope to read all about the action here on the blog, i hope we can get a crew together for vacaville its fun and pretty close guys, erin ill buy you in if i get 1/2 your winnings : )

peace out and frolf on

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  1. Dirka and Company,

    1. I never heard of the idea of 2nd place doing the post but I support it.
    2. Thanks for posting about Stafford...sounds fun but crazy with the long holes. Damn!
    3. With due respect I announce that our very own Nate Dog Dizzle Dog won tourney Sunday 8/20/11. Vincenzo and Parksalot had an epic 2nd place battle where Vinny grinded it out. I don't know who won Sunday 8/28/11 as I am in the Hawaiian Island of Kauai.
    4. I have been snorkling with exotic fishes and giant sea turtles, boogie boarding, hiking along forbidden coastlines and going to the beach (and actual swimming) everyday. I love y'all and will be back in Cali on Tuesday 9/6/ to the beach to watch the sunset and drink some sort of tropical alcoholic beverage out of a fruit.
    5. Justin Verlander!
    6. What the fuck is going on with the Giants?
    7. Who won tourney on Sunday? TDweather?