Friday, August 5, 2011

Miscellaneous Charges, Sancho B. Red, and MCFC Represents!

I had a weird nightmare last night that a troll like figure, an apparition if you will, inhabited one of the MCFC members and made him do things like smoke unknown substances and eat unknown meats. This force continued on and changed all the dice under this MCFC member's dice cup into all 2s. He started with 5 dice but he had 6 2s. This didn't just happen once it happened several times.

The nightmare continued and it must of been the Gnome again because another one of the MCFC members went on to compare ACDC to the legandary bands of Led Zeppelen and The Who. If that wasn't enough the Nymph stated that the Grateful Dead sucked! Was this force attempting to boggle the minds of the MCFC? Well, it worked! Was this "being" attempting to turn the MCFC members against one another? I have a message evil inhabitant, "It could never happen evil force!"

The nightmare continued on and went something like this: I, David Stein, had the lead and was in first place for 2 out of the 3 rounds only to finish in 3rd place and get overtaken by some Sandbagger from Oakland and Birdy Eldridge.

This nightmare suddenly turned into a sweet dream filled with heavenly creatures feeding the MCFC members grapes, earthly bloody steaks, and succulent Mendocino County wines.

The dream continued and reminded me of the good times the MCFC had at the Boontfling 2011: good times, laughter, Dirka dancing, Brady acing, dice, chanting, MCFCes cheering each other on, Davey D going from playing 3 rounds in the past 3 months to coming in 3rd place and having a fridge full of beer, many of the MCFCers placing and winning script, Birdy Eldridge coming in 2nd in Advanced, Hemmies coming in 2nd in Open, J-Clapp coming in 1st place in Masters and having a lifetime supply of growler beer, many MCFCers winning raffle prizes, Parkweather didn't pee on anyone this year and didn't lose his tent, and an overall good time was had by all.

By the way I had some miscellaneous charges on my debit card...about $100...does anyone know about this?


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  1. By the way did anyone calculate last weeks scores into the handicaps and/or are we keeping those separate because we played a "B" round??