Friday, August 5, 2011

Boontfling 2011

Davey beat me to the punch by about 15 minutes. Don't believe anything you read on his post. The Grateful Dead don't always suck, just most of the time and ACDC rocks harder than anyone but don't have the stage presence of The Who or the virtuoso of Zep. Greatest song ever... "Love and Happiness" by Al Green

For anyone who doesn't follow the drama of the MCFC, you probably aren't reading this blog page. I will assume all of you know what the Boontfling is, and why we celebrate it so vigorously. What you may not know, especially if you did not attend the second annual event, is that the first prize for each division was... BEER FOR LIFE. This is the first tournament that really played to my sensibilities. If you can play the course in the least amount of strokes, in your division, you win a growler that may be filled up for free at the Anderson Valley Brewery saloon. I wanted that prize. I could taste the cold, hoppy flavor of victory right up until the last hole of my second round. I can't say that the cold beer for life didn't play into my melt-down on 7. At the end of the day, Daveythedon'tsayitain'tsoStein was in the lead for AM1 with a -7 and Jim was his closest club rival with a -2. Jason led the Master's division with a -3. Our very own Erin Hemmings was just in the middle of the field for Open (second place as there were only three players). The run for the beer was on and it would end in celebrated and controversial fashion.

Sunday opened with a new format (at least for this neophyte) that had each group going out on hole 1 (the pond) in consecutive tee times. There was some discussion of the pros and cons around the camp the night before, but it did prove exciting. When the scores came in there was movement on the cards. Jim, Matthew and I finished a hole ahead of Davey and the leader card. As it was, Jimmy shot the last five holes -5 and led our card with the best single round score in AM1 of -6 and a weekend total of -8. Matthew and I fought the "Battle of the Chase Card Basement" that ended with an 8.5 rated drive on 20 by yours truly (yes I parked it closer than Jim, a feat in itself) and a birdie to win by 1 (Ryan -2/ Matthew -1 (I love playing with that guy)). With a bit of questioning we found out that none other that Derrick "Dirka" Robbings chimed in with a -5, leap-frogging Matthew and I into 6th place overall. Jason had shored up 1st in Master's as Davey and Erin were finishing up. Davey came in with a respectable score of +/- 0 and lost his lead to Jim and 1st place to Bagger Bagsalot (Jim argued to no avail that Bagger had entered the tournament as an AM2 and got bumped up to AM1 and won the thing with a -9 and should not be allowed to win the BEER FOR LIFE award because of this issue. (If he didn't win, our very own Jim Eldridge would have won the prize.)). Davey took third and got the taster glass, Jimmy second with the pint, Erin got second and secured his pint with a total -19 (the third/ last place open player gave a speech (?) that officially declared Erin the best flick putter within 100ft.) and Jason was the biggest hardware winner of the club with a win in the Master's division and the collection of his growler (Did I mention you get BEER FOR LIFE with that?).
In an important note, our own shirtless Brady (not the shirtless cheater) aced 17 on the fly. Nice shot, I hope it keeps you coming out for more.

Great tourney guys. I thought the best thing about the pay out was that the script could be used for beer in the saloon shop. With a case of IPA cans in stow, I ventured back to the cold, foggy reality of the coast and more of the usual (put the fence up, take the fence down, put the fence up...). I had heaps of fun playing and camping with everyone and look forward to more MCFC tournament sieges. Aloha and let's find a TD for our next Special Tournament.


  1. C'mon folks, Davey and I poured out some epic accounts of the boontfling and yous can't even muster up a comment?

  2. The epic accounts are so good and complete, it's hard to know what to add!

    In a lot of ways, I thought it was better than last year. The MCFC representation was outrageous--roughly one out of every 4 players was one of us. Whoa! There was a bit of a meeting of the Mendo and Ft. Bragg tribes as well, and that was good. Crash wasn't as drunk as last year, which was probably good. It wasn't nearly as hot as last year, which was definitely great. We took home more money and better places in the tourney than we did last year. Davey was back in the saddle again, and didn't hurt his lat, so that was very good. We partied somewhat more responsibly--I leave it up to others to decide whether that was good or not. One of us partied less responsibly, and that was very good! Only a few things not as good as last year, the biggest one for me being the dinner, which was basically tortillas and a spoonful of pork. Last year's meal was awesome and gave us a base from which to rock out all night. This gave us no base, and I think had something to do with us all petering out earlier.

    I had the best tourney round of my life, although it sure didn't look like it with 5 holes left. I attribute a lot of it to playing with Matthew and Rye. We made sure we were all enjoying ourselves and yet competing hard, and I had a blast guys! If only I had found one more shot somewhere, I would have had beer for life.

    By the way, a big question: Crash made it sound like second and third places also had beer for life--either a pint or a taster--but the woman I cashed out with made it sound like the beer for life was only the growler. Also only the first place sticker said "free refill" or whatever. Does anyone know what the deal is? I had just given up on the hope of beer for life, but Matthew noticed I hadn't put my sticker on my pint glass, and asked why not, given the reward. Any bright ideas on how I might figure it out? Anyone have Crash's email?

    Last issue: As someone from Boonville pointed out, since we are the relative locals, we shouldn't be depending on a Stockton guy, good guy as he is, to be throwing a big Boonville tourney. We should call on that course and organize our own big tourney at some point. What say ye??

    Cheers peeps,


  3. 1. Nice write up Sancho B. Red!
    2. The Al Green song is good but the best song with guts, balls, angst, and everything that makes a song AWESOME...wait for it...Baba O' Reilly - The Who! Second best song...Beer Run - Todd Snider.
    3. The best soul song...Try a Little Tenderness - Otis Redding.
    4. Jimmy, nice comments and a lot to marinate on. The Boontfling now feels like Crash's deal/tourney but that doesn't mean we can't do another tourney there at another time during the year?? Thoughts.
    5. Ace Race? Who is in? When can people come to a meeting?


  4. Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Thanks for posting the picture...I guess??


  5. Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Thanks for posting the picture...I guess??

    PooPoo D

  6. what you mean i guess???? you dont love it??i waited weeks and weeks till you recovered to be able to use this bad boy, sorry if you dont like it you know how to take it down if ya want.. miss ya man see ya tomorrow

  7. from a photography standpoint i think the free sign really ties the photo together, and raises it from a photo to ART,, i blew it up and have a copy hanging on the wall in my bathroom :)

  8. Dude,

    I LOVE IT! Art is not the word to use to describe this brilliance! Thanks again Dirka!

    Poopy D

  9. This is just a note for myself, to put on the site and refer to for Boontfling 2012 and beyond. Let it be known that I did something at Boontfling 2011 which may never be replicated, much less beaten: over three rounds, I shot 2 under on hole 7. Cool Beans!