Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"B" Rady

Just the facts here folks, just the facts:

1. The sun was shining
2. It was windy
3. 14 players...11 paid
4. 2nd place winner fresh off the softball field: Matt F. shooting +2
5. 1st place winner also shooting the best overall score: The Humboldt Hammer AKA
B-roundBrady Even Par
6. Noone shot under their handicap
7. I not only pooped myself, I also peeed myself but birdied the tone pole hole
8. It was windy

May the peace of the world and light of your souls shine through each of you...Go NFL Football and congrats to Nate Doss for winning Worlds although if Hemmies would of been there it might of been a different story. Go Giants, Go Tigers, Go Lions, Go WNBA, 49ers suck! Viva USA soccer! Pugs Rule! Last but not least - Free Che Guevara and Willy!

Ad Rock (DaveyDingle)


  1. Thanks David for being like the only one to write blogs anymore.
    Here's an update from the Ft. Bragg doubles- a bunch of people were there- I didn't win.
    In other news, Ace Race?
    Should we have a meeting?
    Also- I might be going to the end of the trail tourney in visalia -sept 4 & 5


  2. RespondWeather,

    Thanks for responding to my post! Hemmies, Digler, and I talked briefly about the ace race and thought it might be better to do it in October when Dekendra gets back from Disc Golf Tour. Dirky, what tourneys are you playing in October? CabinTahoeWeather, there is a Tahoe Vista tourney October 8th and 9th...I'm just saying! There are tourneys 1st, 2nd, and 3rd weekend in October but not the 22nd/23rd but that might be too close to the rain?? Others? Do people have computers/Internet/library to respond/add to the blog??