Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jeremy stroked with class all day

to the tune of Jeremy, by Pearl Jam. I considered substituting "stroked our ass" or "smoked our ass" but thought that the double meanings might be misinterpreted. Jeremy is on a hot streak. Not only did he score 8 below his handi on our first B course round using the new handis (at our first fall tourney on a gorgeous warm, sunny day), he also won the A course tourney the week before, and aced hole 3 and tied for first at last weeks doubles round. Second place was Whip (whip it good) Whip (not sure of last name) who shot a stellar even par and finished on stroke behind (-7) Jeremy's -3 performance. Jeremy started with a 5p on one but caught fire, including birding 5 in a row at one point on the back nine. Hawk came in third, and won a celebratory nod, shooting three below his handi. Nice rounds gentleman. If anyone cares, and since I writing this post, I shot even, but using Ryan's SWC scoring algorithm (Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda) which he laid out in his last post, it was actually a -7!
Oh yeah I am going to the NorCal championships Oct. 14-16. Lets get a good showing of MCFCers out there, eh?

Hawk +8
Jesse +1
Matt F +2
Whip 0
David -2
Greg +3
Jason +8
Jeremy -3
Matthew S 0
Chris +5
Jim +2
Nate +5
Juballie +14

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  1. good job Jeremy, he definetly is shooting good lately,...... nor cal champs!!!! come one come all, ill tell ya a little i know about the course, ive played out there several times and am excited at the location this year its at new hogan reservoir, east if Stockton a little bit beautiful reservoir perfect for boating. a lot of fun camping on site swimming, fishing, last year there was live music and a bbq(free). i hope some more of yall can make it , its not as far as it seems, the course is fun, a real long downhill shot, a lot of open air for you thumbreroes out there, dryer climate the course layout is challenging but not like pinto or de la , meaning mere mortals can score well there if there game is on, i will be heading out a few days early to get some practice in.. be great to have a mcfc presence there!!