Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday before sunday but after sunday.

Johnny Quest(ion) defeated myself and the rest of the field with a smooth performance. Having finished his yearly dispersal of gifts to all the good christians of the world (Yes, Johnny is Santa Claus), he was in proper focus for a dismantling of the MCFC elite. All accounts pointed at an "impending sense of greatness" that surrounded the Sunday Champion throughout the round. I, for one, question his use of a skeet launching device on his longer drives but let's leave that debate for the PDGA scholars. What I found to be to his advantage was his ability to realign himself molecularly and turn into the image of his choosing (a shape-shifter). Whether putting as a rhinoceros or a purring house kitty, Johnny was knockin' 'em down. Raise your hand if you have ever seen a cactus picking up birdies on the back nine. My hands are still on the computer. Cacti, though very much living, breathing organisms, do not have a muscular skeletal system. Unlike members of the kingdom animalia, cacti can not pick up, throw or retrieve a frisbee. Although there are no rules against one playing, cacti are generally not invited to disc golf outings. They tend to be sharp and rigid. Cactus or no cactus, human beings make the best disc golfers. Followed by dogs (based on most rounds observed), gorillas (distance wins in the end), chimpanzees and robots (which will climb up the list until they dethrone the humans). Let us band together in the fight against mechanized disc golf. It is our role as worker ants to help train one another for distance and stamina. We never know when it will happen but anyone of us could be the next John Henry of disc golf and have to battle the robots in a 198 hole marathon match. Maybe if they are gentlemen they would accept a doubles challenge. At least we would have two looks at each shot. They would be robots and it would be like two of the exact same shot (so much for precision). What I'm saying is that Johnny is not a robot and won the Sunday tourney with a -4 handicapped round. No robots placed in the top three.


  1. Senior Bread, thanks for the re-cap? Something about robots, cacti, and molecules? I guess that is a re-cap? Quite entertaining I might add. Also to report, 2 new members (Jimmy, we need 2 more tags) joined...Dennis and Matty F. Welcome boyz! The garments came in with a resounding approval and I still have some extra hoodies and shirts. We decided to have a club meeting on Super Bowl Sunday at 10am at Frankies to be followed by 12noon tourney. Word around the camp fire is: Norcal kicked Socal's ass in the yearly Norcal vs. Socal disc golf tournament which our very own Dirka competed in...Dirka, how about a recap?


  2. recap,, nor cal won, i sucked. i lost both my single rounds and 1 of my doulbles, the course in santa maria is really really great tons of different shots at a beautiful park,
    Derrick (am2tillidie) Robbings

  3. Bry "am2till40" Brody wants to congratulate D and the rest of the Nor Cal team on their victory.