Thursday, December 15, 2011

Club Meeting

2011 is coming to an end and so we usher in "The End" or, as it will be more commonly referred to as, 2012.
It is time for a MCFC club meeting. It seems to have been good to do it on a sunday either pre or post-tourney to include as many members as we can.
We should find a date that works with as many people as possible.
Comment with any dates that DON'T work.


  1. Lets see, this weekend is too soon-
    Next Sunday is Christmas- so thats not really good. The next Sunday is new years day:

    Ryan: "ok lets start the meeting"
    Matthew " head... could someone please turn the lights down..."

    So how about January 8th?

    BTW- Sucks about the whole world ending thing next year. I needed more time to work on my turnover and forehand roller shots...

    Maybe we should put "which world should our club move too?" on the agenda.


  2. ill be gone from x mas through jan 15th at least. annual Portland /family/snowboard adventure, why not this sunday? we could get the word out. i guess the post just says to post what days you cant make it.

  3. I think sunday should work.
    If this really doesn't for anyone, post.
    Otherwise we should get the word out.
    Before tourney?

  4. I could meet this Sunday but won't it be hard to get the word out to everyone? Anyways, I am in at anytime.

    Davey D

  5. How about friday evening (23rd)