Thursday, December 22, 2011

MCFC Meeting 12/21/11 Minutes...

Those Present: Chris V, Wip, Hawk, Nate, Rye, Hems, Vince, Natalie (off to the side), Ice Bowl Tom, Dirka, and this writer-Davey D.


New Handicaps
Bag Tags/Dues/Revenue
How things should be decided and how things shoud be voted on
Work Days
Planter Boxes
C Course/Playing C Course
Mendo Doubles Round

1. How Things should be voted on
It was decided (by a majority vote) that committees should be formed (ex. work day/maintenance committee or handicap committee) and in order for a committee to make a big decision they need 10 people to vote/agree with them. These votes could and should occur at Sunday Tourneys. At our our future meetings a representative from each committee will report on what the committee has been done since the last meeting.

2. Bag Tags/Dues/Revenue
Nate proposed to increase the dues to $40. It was decided that we would have varying player's packages priced at various amounts i.e. $25 for a t-shirt and a disc or $35 for a hoody and disc. Also, the overall consensus was to get new Bag Tags.

3. Handicaps
Rye Bread gave a run down on the countless hours of examination, mathmatical calculations, and arguing concerning our current handicap system. Nate brought up a good point that the club didn't vote on this change but after learning it is going to benifit him and everyone in the club besides Hems, Jimmer, and David it was agreed upon that we would try this new handicap/averages system. It was also agreed upon that the handicap commitee will consist of: El Presidente (Parkweather), Rye, Hems, Jim, and Davey D.

4. Work Days
The work days/maintenance committee consists of: Hawk, Chris V, Wip?, and Nate. An action plan is for Chris V and/or other members of the maintance committee to talk to College of the Redwoods and Jesse (the Dean) to confirm that we can maintain and/or alter the course.

5. Planter Boxes
This is too controversial to talk about on the world wide web...ask one of the attending members about the planter boxes.

6. C Course
It was voted on and agreed that the MCFC WILL start playing C course using the B course adjusted averages until we get C course averages.

7. Mendo Doubles
It was agreed on that there will be an optional 10am doubles round on every Sunday before the regualr tournament.

Other randomness after the meeting and questions: 1. When will Jimmy talk to Alan Carlson about expanding the Fort Bragg course to 18 holes? 2. We gave a little update on the rules and how the Coast Cup is being run. Some club members wanted to know why Manchester is not being played for the Coast Cup? A lot of pizza, beer, and soda pop was consumed!

If I missed anything please post.

Thanks everyone for coming and Happy Chrismahanikwanzikaa!



  1. Thanks David for the meeting write up. Sad to say it was the first one I missed- good to hear there was some new faces there! I am interested in exactly what the membership levels are and what you get for each level. I am guessing that there is no sunday tourney this week, who wants to go out Monday for a big MCFC Battle (no school, so...)

    BTW- I think it would be fine to include manchester- who wants to run a special tourney there???

  2. PresidentWeather,
    We missed you...don't worry I reminded everyone (twice) that you are the prez and you started our coveted Sunday tournaments and the old(?) handicap system. In regards to the membership levels we (??) have to figure that out. Is there a membership committee? I am assuming James will be in charge of ordering bagtags, I will be in charge of ordering garments, and Hems will be in charge of dying discs and maybe ordering discs. No Sunday tournament? WHAT? We haven't missed a tourney in 50 years. We ARE having tourney...Rye is coming, Hawk, Wip, Jim, and myself are maybes. If Rye is the only one then someone (Cal Ripkin Jr.?) has to go up to the high school to get in an official tournament round. Rye, you are still FORSURE in...right?

  3. well if you put it that way, I guess I'll have to come out...

  4. I will not be a permanent member of the maintenance committee, but i will be helping out whenever i can. also, here is a link to a pretty good idea for tee pad repair/replacement: http://​​/gravelpave2.html and here is the link to a course that is trying them out already. there are pics of the pads in use under the "media" tab: http://​​course.php?id=4364 not quite sure how to post on here, so i hope these work.


  5. Sorry about those links, I will try to re-post good ones. Twitter has me spoiled! They make it so easy to post info and links that I forgot how to do it manually.

  6. For info on the tee pad material, go to for pics of tee pads in use, go to and search for Joe Eakes Park and click the "media" tab. Just thought I would throw another idea out there. They look good and would seem to function well.