Friday, March 25, 2011

Late Recap/Good turnout

Late Re-Cap: Sunday offered a well timed, and well-com'ed hole in the weather. With only 1 short downpour, it was the best disc conditions in weeks! We had 18 players.

So many new members are coming out every week and most have true handicaps, with another 4 added to the list just this week: Wip, Hawk, Chris V, and Ryan T. Welcome Boys! We can all expect record cash payouts in coming weeks. 20p x $5 =$100!

This week my group included Wip, George, Nate, & Chris V. Random groups are great. It was interesting to see how these new guys have improved. George has great control on what I consider a tough shot; the turnover flick. Chris V has a natural hyzer spike, though not always intentional. Nate continues to improve his putting with a finesse pitch putt. Wip on the other hand lazers his putts hyzer style, and is solid from 20'. Everyone was under par through the front 9 and all have the potential to become neg handicappers. When did these guys start throwing? A few months ago? I better step up my game...

This weeks winner, Jesse, knew he had a good handicap going in and he capitalized, which as we all know is tough to do on command. He shot his best tourney round yet and took the loot. Textbook win bro.

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