Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Can Someone Post the Scores from Sunday 5/2/10?

I heard through the grapevine that Greg G Money won his first tournament...is this true? Can someone, anyone confirm this? Can someone post the scores? Can someone take off Arvin Julius' picture from the blog's front page? Any aces? D-Rock, can you give us a Santa Cruz update? I hope all is well in Frolfland.
P.S. I signed up for Willits.



  1. has anyone ever had there ass kicked? like brutal kicked in the ribs when your down, no mercy, unrelentless pounding over and over again? this is what de la veaga did to me. this course makes our coastal courses look like a kindergarden playground, by far the hardest course i have seen.the first day i shot a 15 over, which was rated at 915 if you can imagine, i thought it was embarrassingly bad till i saw the other scores, i shot the worst 3 tourney rounds that i have thrown, and somehow scraped by at 15th, the players packs were killer though, 2 shirts a polo and a tee, 2 discs, a killer bag tag , and some other cool schwagg, great tourney though , val and nate were spotting on a hole that i choked hard on right into the tree in front of me, but i got a "nice shot" out of them when i hit the basket from like 150 feet on the next shot, i really hope to do a lot better at the koa

  2. So I thought I had both scorecards from 5/2, but I only had 1. I think the only score I don't know is UTM's.

    Scores from 5/2:

    The Winner of his first Tourney!: Greg, with an Even par (2 under his handi).

    Johnny Quest: +11
    Jeremy: +4
    Arvin Julius: +2 and second place.
    Erin: -5
    Jim: -2
    Lindsey: +12
    UTM: ?

    A very windy day, no 8-dollar aces, but a good time had by all! Congrats to G for his first win!

  3. Correction:

    AJ called me and said they had miscounted his score, and he had a 4 over, not a 2 over. So please correct his score for the handicap. We'll sort out who gets the second place prize on Sunday. Except I probably won't be there sunday. So someone has to figure out Jeremy's handi on 5/2, then figure out if he won second, or whether there needs to be a playoff btw between AJ's 2 over, Erin's 2 over, and/or whatever Jeremy had. UTM?

  4. I shot a +3 which is four strokes over my -1 handicap :)