Friday, April 30, 2010

4-25 Scores

Wow, thats a pretty comprehensive piece on dyeing discs Erin- Deserves some serious consideration-
Meanwhile- here are the scores from last week-
Roy 8
Greg 1
Vince 1
Jim -7
Jeremy 0
Matthew 1
Ryan -1
Nate 2
rusty 7
Johnny Q 3
UTM -2
AJ -7
Davey -6

AJ wins the tourney in a Boat Race- 2 weeks in a row.
Jim ace's hole 4, gets alot of $.
5 way tie for second place, playoff goes to Jim.

I am going to be out of town this weekend- could someone update the handis and bring them Sunday?

BTW- we had several votes of the 13 of us before the round- 4:00 beat 5:00 and 4:30. Its is hard to exclude anyone but with the amount of people who are in our club it seems impossible to find a time good for everyone. It seems for the majority of the people, earlier is better- 4:00 is pushing it already for many.



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  2. I have the May 2nd handi's updated, and I will bring them!