Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Feather River Open, My Back, and Our Logo!


So, 3 weeks have gone by since the Feather River Open and I still have dreams of my hole in one, Jody's 1st place victory, Hemmings -7 under round, Dirka and Brody going head to head and tying for 15th place (earning plastic), our semi-debaucherous road trip to Chico and The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, the sun, the wind, the intensity of 4 rounds and a doubles round, the disc golf course along the feather river, the skateboarding dog, and Oroville. I think that says it all except the fact after my third round (bogey free -5 under round...I was in 5th place after the round) I tweaked my back (lower back disc nerve stuff).

All and all it was a fun time/tournament. I must say that it was an intense weekend of discgolf...2 rounds on Saturday and 2 rounds on Sunday in the elements. I haven't played in 3 weeks and I am jonsing...I met with the Physical Therapist on Friday and I have a stretching routine that I have been following. My back feels much better and I am going to get out there soon. Erin, Brodys, and Dirka--add your take on the Feather River Open.

So, when and how are we going to put our logo on discs? What is the action plan? As far as discs I think we should put our logo on a Firebird, Destroyer, something flippy/understable, and an aviar putter? I know we voted on this on the blog but for some reason I don't think the votes are accurate...maybe we should have anohter vote?? I was thinking that we could sell some of these discs at Willits...just a thought.

I still haven't given the high school artists any money...I think we decided that we were going to give the artist who did the Happy Headband $25...what do people think? NateDizzleDog, do you still have the art entries from the high school floating around the lumber yard somewhere?

I hope everyone is doing well.



  1. i had a great time at the FRO, every one i played with had a good attitude and was fun to play with.the south course was especially nice and cant wait till next year to get out there and do better.i think we all thought we could do a lot better. i like playing these nor-cal tournaments i think that when the pressure is higher so are the rewards. and its a great way to get better playing diff courses.

    as far as the logo discs i am all for getting some done ,but i think it would be a huge investment that we dont have funds for. and im not quite sure how we can overcome that,what yall think. any ideas??

    i think hoodies, towels, t shirts are all easier goals,

    i think its time for a meeting, make some decisions, figure out some new goals?

    this week wed or thurs ?? frankies

    pay the high school kid already davey, the club said yeah


    me and Utm just got back from the auburn am, and boy what a great tourney, well run, nice shirt and towel, awesome course, very challenging 22 hole course played three times, 122 people, payed out half the am2 field.i learned a whole bunch at this tourney, about the caliber of player at these events even in am2, and about consistency really paying off, minimizing disaster and waiting for your move and not rushing it. the first round was a mixed group from all divisions i had two masters , a grandmaster, and another am2 on my card, i started off super slow just paring away but then hit some bogeys to get to a plus four but then hit like 3 of my last 5 holes including the very last one to wound up with a one over, the beginning of my second round i was super intimidated by my group they were friendly and all but they came out strong hitting a lot of early birds as i just pared and the boged twice i think i was like 5 back at one point, but i scraped along and grabbed a bird here and there and once again right towards the end they all had troubles and i squeezed out another few birds finishing on a diff part of the course mind you,to go 1 down and almost take my card,

    the next day with one round to go i was again intimidated by how good my group was. we were the chase card,these guys were good same story though they all took off early , then the wind kicked in and i fought to hold it together, one memory comes back to me of my greatest tourney put, like 27 feet behind a tree on my knee all spread out and bamm dead center chains, huge rush from that one folks.. we had one ultra lame bagger in our division terrible red neck attitude about winning stuff who had come in like top five like 5 times before, worst case scenario bagger indeed, but fortunately i didnt have to play with him cause he was on lead card. i am still all pumped up but my arm hurts need to take a few days off from frolf,

    the group that put this tourney on was the chain zombies there was a ctp contest and a 9 hole mini golf tourney that was awesome, these guys raised a shit ton of money for there club and put on a awesome tourney with nice players packs and free chili!!!

    we need to reserve spots at koa ASAP i might just reserve some tomorrow

  2. Dirka and Gang,

    Thanks for the recap of the tourneys. I am up for a meeting anytime soon...what are other folk's schedules? How come no one is responding to having a meeting? It is like you guys have kids or newborns or are married or something? Dirka, did you reserve some spots for Willits? It pains me to say that I am not sure my back is going to hold up for Willits but I will probably register anyways.


  3. hey david, i ran into matthew and we talked about thurs after doubles having a meeting, so ill be at doubles at 5;30, hope yall can make it

  4. Dirka and Peeps,
    Yeah, sounds good...I can meet after doubles. Who can meet today? Maybe I will make some phone calls. Where do people want to meet? The Brewery? My office (which is next door to The Brewery)? Oscar River's House? Dirka's house?


  5. i talked to matthew and hes out, not gonna make it, no one else seems to be interested but ill be at doubles we can see who shows up