Thursday, April 1, 2010

Parkahontas takes the pot

Yes, that's right. With strong south winds picking up throughout the evening, Matthew "I-Don't-Actually-Know-Matthew's-Real-Last-Name" kept his nose to the grindstone and pulled out a stellar -7, 7 under his handicap. Right on. In the same group, Jim impressed us all, following up last week's win with this week's second place (though he did have to fight Vince for it from the top of the world). It was a great tourney 12 frolfers strong, and it would be great if someone posted scores, and updated handis.

And how about a recap of the Feather River Open? Highs? Lows? Mediums? I know there are highlights guys...

And the scores were-

Lindsey +9
Jeremy +3
Matthew -7
Jim -8
Rusty +10
Roy +4
AJ -2
Vince -1
Josh +10
Blake +6
Johnny Q +1
Matt (Travelling) +1



  1. Peeps,

    Nice job Parky Brewster. In regards to the Feather River Open I guess the folks who were there should decide who wants to conduct a proper write up? For me my back is in so much pain it hurts to even type this comment (yes, I need the sympathy vote). I will say that 1. MFC's very own Jody Brody took FIRST place and won a shit ton of plastic, 2. Derrick and Bryan tied for 15th place? (out of a lot of guys) and took home some plastic, 3. I got an ace (took home $30) and shot a bogey free -5 round, and 4. Hemulous shot the best round -7 (and the best final score??) out of all of us at in very windy, hot, "sun beating down on you" conditions. I FUCKED my back up (I have a history of a protruding disc and sciatica) and did some disc damage and I am in with the physical therapist next Friday. I won't be on the disc golf course for at least a couple of weeks and that HURTS! FROLF ON!


  2. i had a blast at the feather river open , even though i didnt shoot very well, but it did open my eyes as to what caliber of player it takes to win am2.i think im getting real close to being able to compete with these fellas. watch out willitts,bryan and i came back a little showing what playing on the coast will do for ya, moving up like ten places on the last round shooting a plus 3 in super wind, i didnt think it was good at all till i started hearing the other am2 players scores, but it was good enough to move us up to a tie for 14th, the south course really grew on me and i cant wait to tear it up next year, a lot of tight tunnels and fairways would def improve your game a lot, basically nothing like what we got here on the coast, also UTM and i are planning on hitting another tourney april 10th and 11th, we are renting a car and getting a cheap room in auburn , ne of sac. we got room if anyone feels like coming, you will need to register asap if you can come. wish us luck, and once again i wont be at sun tourney got to go spend some time with my lovely lady, ill be accepting challenges tues thru thurs if any eligible peeps arent scared first come first served

    i love you guys