Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Soooo, in case you didn't know, our course was vandalized saturday night. Baskets 8-9 were pulled up concrete and all, and #10 was hacksawed clean off. In addition, the tee signs for 9 & 10 were stolen. Luckily the thieves were kinda dumb and dumped the baskets into Big high tide. Low tide came to reveal the baskets the next morning, but not the tee signs which must have floated out to sea.

The plan is to reinstall the three baskets next Sunday Pre-tournament. I will be there @ 12:00 noon to start work. I invite any and all who can lend a hand.

Things we need:

A metal wheelbarrow for mixing concrete, or 2?
Post hole digger
Pieces of rebar
(2) 5 gallon buckets
hand trowel

Things I will bring:
A digging bar
Concrete, 5 bags
1 shovel


  1. Peeps,
    I talked to Jeremy, Roy, and Rusty today at the Fort Bragg course and Roy said he would be at the Mendo course on Sunday at 1:30ish. Jeremy and Rusty said they would come early also and help out. I can be there probably close to 12:30pm and I can bring a couple of shovels. Tourney is at 3:30pm on Sunday, right? See y'all soon.

    P.S. I traded phone messages with the principal of the high school and she sounds that she is in support of the MFC and doesn't think it was the baseball team or anyone else that had a vendetta against us??


  2. So sorry to hear about this guys. Wish we could be there to help. Good thing Mendo has such a good DG club to take care of their local courses. Go MFC and special thanks to Erin for getting out of the river.