Thursday, October 22, 2009

Milk Duds and A Big Thank You To Dirka!

Mendocino Frolf Club Patrons,

It was a fun Manchester weekend (wait, was that only one day?) with lots of food, fun, and frolicness but what did we really learn:

1. DaveyD likes Milk Duds.
2. Dirka/Dekendra puts on a great special tournament with Pinata and everything.
3. Parksadisc likes the Manchester course but isn't very good at setting "over under ace lines".
4. HemHaw is a good disc golfer (even on a course where he doesn't have to throw a thousand feet).
5. B-Run shows up for fun events.
6. Smelderberry likes Coors and Coors Light (thanks for the beer, Smelder!)
7. Brian Brody is a kind gentlemen letting Oroville take home at least one medal.
8. Jody Brody is not a kind woman and she took it to the field (Nice second place Jody!)
9. Despite Arvin Julius having to open a CVS in Azerbaijan he was still able to make the tournament and bring home a medal.
10. Alexander Supertramp got an ace and shot 100 down (WTF!)
11. Vince is really a queenie Indiana Jones.
12. Those silly Oroville guys sure know how to party and karoke.
13. Chimichangas covered in chilli make DaveyD have to make big doodies.

Hey, another big thank you and Kudus to Dirka for arranging the Special Tournament. Great idea with the Pinata stuffed with Milk Duds and Alcohol.



  1. Peeps,

    Hey, everyone read my blog posting and post a comment. Thanks! Also, I don't think I am coming to this Sundays tournament or Mendocino Frolf Club meeting afterwards. Can we postpone the MFC meeting to next Sunday?


  2. hey thanks for the blog update davey, so i didnt really do much, i would of liked to do the night round and stuff but nun of it really worked out. it was fun stil we still got a lot of glow sticks any one wants to do a night round soon, and you missed out if you didnt get to play the mini course the brodys and i set up, the sunday after next is holloween weekend and i wont be able to make it for that tourney. ut i hope to attend a meeting someday

  3. Thanks to D-$$$ for the great special tourney! I had a blast, as I think everyone did. The pinata was ever-so-sweet, even if the dubious Erin-convincing-us-the-disc-would-never-come-off, then-taping-it-in-a-different-way-and-being-the-next-guy-up-and-knocking-it-off-with-the-first-throw thing cast a pall of illegitimacy on the proceedings ( ;-) ). I was truly bummed to miss the mini-round, but the little girl had the flu, which Jill and I have subsequently caught and now all three of us still have. Ugh. But anyway, I'm sure the course was sweet, and I want to play it sometime! So thanks to Dirka for rockin the house, and congrats to Erin for a match well and clearly won!

    Ah, and one more thing Davey the Dentist learned, which he forgot to list:

    1. Sometimes, no matter how many times you count it, the final score still doesn't change.

    As for the meeting, I'll be out of town the next two Sundays (the 25th and the 1st), so I would vote for pushing the meeting past that.

    Ah, and WHO HAS THE NEXT SPECIAL TOURNEY??? Davey? Matthew? Brodys? Linz? Tommy?

  4. Fog Eaters,

    Can we all agree to have our Mendocino Frolf Club meeting on Sunday November 8th after tourney at Frankie's? I don't know how much Tommy or Arvin Julius check the blog so we should inform those guys also.