Sunday, October 4, 2009


Upon request (from Smelder) and because Roy deserves it, dagnabit, I shall announce to the webernet world that our own Roy won last Sunday's tournament playing a stellar game and winning the tournament in a playoff. My group consisted of myself, Alex "Alexander Supertramp", Nate "Nate Dog Dizzle" Anderson, and Vince "Vinny Vincenzo". This was a fierce battle between Nate, Roy, and Vince and Vince and Roy tied shooting (I think) 4 under their handicap. "Top of the World" someone screamed out and without further adeu - Roy and Vince were at the top of the world both throwing threw the uprights and hitting their putts. That's right they BOTH threw it through the uprights (great shots guys). Anyways, so they went to a second hole playoff where Roy took it. Great game guys. Hope to see y'all today.


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