Monday, October 26, 2009

A Great Day of Frolf and Some New Blood Action

A 13 player turnout and a first time champion garnished sunday's frolf feast. With a gusty 15-20 kt. north-northwesterly breeze and sunny skies, the Mendocino High School Disc Golf Course was at its peak in terms of conditions. The course would be challenging and unpredictable. The wind would play its role in creating the drama of a good sunday tourny. Without the intermittent exhale of ol' Neptune the course can sometimes seem open and even easy to score on. The wind blew and the discs followed.
Our new champion and new disc golf enthusiast, Matthew McAllister, shot an even with three birdies and a 5-4 finish on 17 and 18. Impressive. Especially to know that Uncle Travelin' Matt only just started playing the game last year and has only a handful of rounds in Mendo. Good risk/reward strategy and cautious play earned the newcomer a handicapped -5 and a tourny win. Second place saw the crafty veteren Erin "these pants are too long I need to" Hem"them"ings against a spry and dressed to impress Alex "I came to play today". With a long left to right shot, Erin crossed the plane of the uprights and left a difficult birdie putt, while our hero, Davey to Erin's Goliath, missed short left but played hard and brought the game to a forty-fifty foot putt that made a good run. Erin second, Matt the gold and Alex with a strong sunday finish.
For me and what seemed like the rest of us it was a good challenge. A round of applause for the host of last week, I could not make it but it sounds like a swell adventure, mister Derrick Robbings. With a new handi of -4 I do believe he is now the real thing. Congrats. I only saw the game of those on my card. Well played Jake with a hadicapped 0 and Zeb who never gave up and had some very good control for a brand new player. Aloha to Drew for hanging in there and shooting a 5 on his first ever Mendo round in the wind. Cautious play and big par hits were the keys to that magic trick. I shot a +1 and turns out had a -1 handi so I had a tough day.
Always nice to see everyone out and about on a beautiful sunday.

Sarah and I may be moving out of our house soon. This would mean an end to the Joey Memorial. I would love to have some folks out for stroke play matches to see how far we can push the score on this thing. Maybe Saturday all day play.
I'll send out an invite if it all works out.

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  1. Zeb? Uncle Traveling Matt? Alexander Supertramp? Who are these new fictional sounding souls? 13 players without yours truly and The Park Knight? Wow! That is Awesome, with some new faces (and not so new faces) in the winner's circles. Rye "JD Salinger" Bread, I would love to play next Saturday. I could be at your house at 1:30ish.