Monday, August 10, 2009


The high school was crawling with out-of-towners kicking the ole' black'n'white around (my personal thoughts on soccer = seriously... soccer? who cares?). The annual Skunk Classic compelled the few frolfers who showed to turn tail and head north to our brand new back-up course, CR. Again, a round of thanks in order to all who made the possibility of a back-up course a reality.

Those who showed were Hem-haw, Hem-haw II (Devan), Magee, Brun, (Nate) Dog & Linz. All were in favor of a non-handi doubles round. The teams: - Linz/Erin - Dog/Magee - Brun/Devan. It was unanimously pre-determined that the ace pot was out of play because Jim was absent.

Brun generously donated beverages to the thirsty group and we began our round. I personally shanked every single drive I threw, but I was able to close out a good many of Erin's great drives. Brun and Devan played a great game of strategy, despite several instances of rogue laser interference and kung-fu samurai. Team Dog/Magee was on with great approach putts. I don't know if it was the CR baskets, but Magee and I both had a lot of really-long-putts that hit chains & bounced-out.

It was a great afternoon, and gave a few players a chance to play CR for the first time ever. Erin and I took the cake home (or rather, to Piaci's) and thoroughly enjoyed it. We were encouraged by Brun to spend our hard-earned $$ at Subway, or perhaps even splurge and hit up Asian Buffet. Magee/Dog turned in a -3, and Devan/Brun a 0.

See ya'll next week.

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