Monday, August 17, 2009

Like taking candy from a baby...

Hello Frolfland-
It was a beautiful day for Frolf yesterday, the air was warm, a light breeze blew across the headlands, and 9 shiny, happy people played in our weekly.
There are many side plots to yesterday- Dave and Parky returned after a few weeks and both resumed where they left off: Dave throwing 10 down and Matthew throwing it all away on the back nine.  The return of some players from the past: boon-varro and Jonah.  But the real story was: The Brodys.
I guess we all should have known.  If you read this blog with any regularity, you might have noticed that when they are not appearing in the local newspapers posing if front of disc baskets or printing up stickers for our club, Bryan and Jody travel around the Pacific Northwest playing disc golf, playing disc golf tourneys, checking out disc golf courses and blogging about disc golf. Basically living the dream.
The dream quickly became a nightmare for anyone not named Brody who was hoping to win something yesterday.  Between Jody and Bryan, the Brodys won tourney, the CTP ($10 from parks) , the longest put of the day prize ($5 elderberry) set a new official  Chick Flick record (2 up, Jody) and the unofficial "I wish that those two people weren't so nice and friendly because it makes it very hard to hate them and do something vengeful like put sugar in there gas tank or something because they just beat the living sh_t out of me and took all my hard earned money" award.

Congrats Jody on winning tourney, and Bryan for CTP and best shot.  It was a fun day in the sun.  I guess I should go start practicing now....
SP3   (Starky Parkweather the Third)


  1. Yes. Yes. Congrats to Jody for not only taking the money, taking the ladies record, but for beating me over all in a tourney. She has beat me before at the high school, but this one really hurt in a good way. Way to go Jody cant wait to caddy for ya in the Worlds.

  2. Mateo, I'm impressed with your word-smithing, but even more impressed that you managed to post such a striking photo of the scorecards. You get 10 extra blogger points.
    Watch out for those Brodys!

  3. Thanks Linz. It actually scanned the picture into the computer, hence the quality (yes I finally broke down and bought a $79 all in one from Costco to replace my ten year old printer). Unfortunately I can't get a loan to pay for the ink, so I can only scan and send faxes. Speaking of technology, can you get your boyfriend to put up a jody picture? Maybe he can use photo shop and have her stepping on our heads...

    See y'all Sunday!