Friday, May 22, 2009

Joey Memorial

So I guess nobody's gonna post the match.  I didn't know you were supposed to report on your own wins.  Aaron and I won.  Dave and Jim were overall champs and scored the lowest overall score.  Erin played with "Uncle Traveling" Matt in his first disc golf game on real baskets.  Sun was shining and that's that.

Aloha, pau.


  1. Thanks for posting Rye Bread. I can't get the image of that full white cooler of delicious BEER and melting ice. And the food...forget about it. Wow, what a spread...I think I ate 3 sausages, 1 burger, some salmon, and a couple pieces of fruit. YUM! Great times.

  2. Concur with the applause for the spread, the finely-mown course, and the generously extraordinary afternoon! Thanks to the hostess and host/organizer!! And congrats to the winners. Will anyone but B-Run ever possess the special tourney trophy? THAT is the question...

  3. Hey Guys, sorry I didn't write up the tourney this week. I assumed that somebody that stayed for the BBQ would have better info, and know who actually won what. I had a good time on the course and was truly challenged by it. I have to say this though. The day after the tourney I felt a little bitter. Not because I didn't win, but because it just didn't seem like a fair match. The handicap system has a job and that is to even the playing field and reward the player(s) that play their best.
    Jim and David would have had to ace/birdie 5 holes and par two the rest? Never going to happen. How many rounds would it take to get that score? 100? 500? never?
    That being said, I never thought for a second that it was supposed to be unfair. Ryan, you put on a great tournament and everyone had fun.
    Hope I didn't ruffle any feathers!
    See you all Sunday...

  4. While I agree that the handicap system for the par-two course needs some tweaking (so as to allow all teams a chance to win, and so as to not place too much emphasis on who calls whom first to partner up), I'd like to also point out that not only were there cool little plastic balls tied to all the tee-markers, but I was actually able to negotiate the course with a stroller!

    I appreciate all the work and thought that it must have taken to get everything set up for us, so I'm throwing out another thank you to Rye and Sar. Thanks guys! Let's do it again soon!

  5. i had a great time too, ryan i really like your place , a little slice of heaven. thanks for hosting, the next special tourney is in julyitll either be me or roy who sets it up roys got a great idea for a private campground with some awesome frolfy possibilities that he can get permission to use

  6. Thanks guys. I too felt a little bitter, not because I won, but because I don't think the game was totally fair. I did try to make the choosing of a partner part of the strategy of the game. I envisioned players practicing together and working on strategy ahead of time. I don't think my vision was conveyed properly and many didn't get the message and rules. I sort of rushed the whole thing there at the end. Having never done a par 2 course I had nothing to go on so I made the rules and stuck with 'em. Even if everyone knew the rules, ANY team should be a capable of winning with their best game. This was made difficult by the rules.
    The way it was, ol' mother nature gave us a beautiful sunday and optimal conditions and we now have a precedent for a par 2 course.