Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tooting of the horn of which I am the owner

For those of you who had obligations on the sunny Mother's Day tournament last sunday, you missed a lesson in strategy and a few beautiful shots. 

Nate Dogg had a front nine that may be a personal best.  There was no confirmation of this, but -4 after nine is no small feat, considering that all-star David "the dentist" Stein and Matthew "walk in the park" Starkweather were at -5 and having good rounds.  Myself, having shot -3, and knowing the back nine is where I make my move, felt pretty comfortable looking at the score card.  

Nate shot 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 & 9 with picture perfect drives.  Anyone who is a student of Nate's game may have seen a few shots taken by the wind, driven into the ground, or even just jumped out of the grip.  Not on these shots.  If there is a perfect lefty flick for each of those holes, nate found it.  Really something to behold.  

David held a steady game.  Many birdies, very few bogies, and solid play led to an overall -7 (best score of the day).  Matthew, who was  a dark horse pick for the annual "hey, let's ditch mom and play frolf" tournament, could not string together enough birdies to stop the inevitable.  In fact, a missed tee shot on 18 proved to be the crucial shot in a build up to destiny.

I played with fervor.  I played with style.  I played with two of Aaron Brun's discs and used them to my advantage.  After I bogied 17, and found myself judging from the bottom of the hill, and realized Nate Dogg had the score card, I found solace in my fortunate position.  With Matthew and I tied for first with a handicapped -7, I could make my decision for a shot after seeing where he ended up.  A short, hard turning shot past the score board and nowhere near the uprights allowed my to lay-up and shoot for par and the win.  I have layed up a few times now and never had it work, but even though my shot landed at the base of the basket and rolled ten feet away, I buried the putt and took the whopping $15 awarded for such a small tournament.  I guess I will have to go on a tear and win my tournament and then two more to leave no doubt as to the consecutive-win record.  

Aloha, pau

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