Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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  1. Hey Everone-
    If this is indeed on Sunday, we should all go lend a hand, eat some lunch, then come back to Mendo and play our tournament. It would be nice to have a part in a second coastal course.

  2. Here! Here! We will be there with bells on. We went and checked out the spot today and they were weed eating the holes and tee spots! Cant wait.

  3. Sunday I'll be playing a warm-up round of ball golf at Poppy Hills in Monterey before the NCGA two-man championship at Poppy and Spyglass on Monday and Tuesday, so I won't be able to help out in FB. But I'll be there in spirit! May the baskets be deep and straight, the tee boxes flat and wide, the camaraderie worthy of the MFC!

    Oh, and feel free to make an ace on Sunday, because there's no money in the pot anyway. Linz already snatched it all away!

  4. p.s. Unrelatedly but unworthy of new post topics:

    1) why is my old non-tourney course record, now the second best non-tourney score, still up there? Let's yank that off, shall we?

    2) Did Davey really three-peat?

  5. Jim,
    What should be the second best non-tourney record? Erin at -14? In regards to my NEAR 3 peat...yeah I don't think I three-peated so that should come off the records as well. I knocked on the door several of times but Rye Bread wouldn't let me in.