Saturday, June 13, 2009

new course record

I watched Mendo Disc Golf history being made this evening. After losing my first 5 spot to AJ last week, I've decided I need to start actually practicing. So Erin, Maia and I made our way to the high school after work. Normally our rounds involve a fair amount of practice shots and messing around but, determined to start taking the competition aspect of disc golf seriously, I decided we'd play a legit game. No extra throws, no mulligans. Just straight-up tourney-style play.

As I was busy double-bogieing my way through the front nine, Erin was quietly coming up with birdies on all but the 9th. An errant sidearm landed his coveted red Firebird squarely between the boards of the outer tennis court. A push through the trees brought him under the basket for a gimmie. 10 went off without a hitch, and we climbed the stairs to 11. After hitting the trees and falling just right of the scoreboard, he lauched an 80 foot putt and missed by a hair. Another par. (Meanwhile, our hero is trying to help me rescue my suck-ass round, and I'm getting pissed. This doesn't phase him, apparently).

We rounded the northwest corner and by this time I began to take notice of his unprecedented number of bounce-outs: ZERO. Seriously - this guy never has a round without a bounce out. I kept quiet, knowing his anticipation was mounting. I drive a comet bullet straight at the basket on 15 and make my second birdie of the game (am I finally getting the hang of that disc?). We approach 17 knowing that the heat is on. A bogie here could potentially blow the whole thing. I hold my breath through the run-up ... his fingers snap and the Boss flies across the field in a high turnover arc. It hits the road and rolls down the hill. Damn. Shot number two hits the trees and falls unceremoniously to the dirt. Then he drains a 40 footer for par numero 3 - huzzah! We both clear the uprights on 18, which is pretty rad for me but fairly normal for him. I putt out and clear my disc. Erin takes his time, and his focus deepens.


Super cool. 15 down. Way to go baby!


  1. Wow!! Ch-Ching indeed! I knew a 15 was out there! Fantastico! And nicely relayed Linz! I assume we'll see BOTH of you tomorrow so we can give the appropriate congrats?

  2. Hopefully he got that out of his system last night.
    Hope to see you out there Linz. We are bringing a secret weapon.

  3. Erin,

    WOW, you did it. Congratulations, that is AWESOME. 15 down is incredible. Cheers.


  4. Congrates for a wonderful work done!!!