Monday, December 14, 2009


  1. hey guys here it is the ice bowl flyer, thanks to franny's mad skills whipped up all professional styleee. let me know if i missed anything it hasn't gone to print yet. i got a lot of ideas flowing. and getting excited thanks for the support

  2. Sign me up yo! Can I get a TeeBird and a Buzz? Hope all is going well. Good work D-Roc! Good job MFC! Cant wait!

  3. hot. very hot. a little more info and background, please. also, maybe a recap of the meeting we missed yesterday? thanks guys.

  4. o.k
    so last year a few of us headed to ukiah for there ice bowl, that tom let us know about, Lou the director of this event was very friendly and helpfull. i looked into the icebowl organization and found that there are icebowl all over the country( i think around 140 this year). they are usually held for the local food banks. i often peruse the local fort bragg paper online and noticed a couple of articles on the fort bragg food bank needing help and thought it sounded like a lot of fun to do one here in FB, i contacted Lou and he said he was already doing 2 this year( one at stafford lake feb 6th i think and one at ukiah feb 27th), but that he would help in any way he could . he's even donating some stuff as a prize for the most food donated at the event. he sent me copys of his registration forms and stuff and told me all i needed to do is register with the icebowl website. so i did so ... its on

    so at the meeting the other night we talked about(amongst a million other things) the mfc holding a charity event i brought up the icebowls,and everyone decided that the mfc would be a part of this effort as a intro to possibly holding future charity tourneys, i think it would be great for the club if we could really do this thing up best we can....i.e:
    1. make it as fun as humanly possible
    2. make it as successful as possible,( food and money donated to food bank)

    i am signed up as TD and would love all the help and support i can get from all of you. i have contacted the food bank peolpe and they are super excited. they can help with getting us ads in the paper and prob on the radio. i have registered with the icebowl org and plan on fronting flow for all the discs and scwhagg and stuff, we got a flyer i think is way cool, and i am stoked with all the interest and good vibes and the progress so far,, one major way any of you can help is by accepting donations in the form of canned food or $$, and getting people to sign up or maybe get friends to come from out of town to play
    also i thought it would be so great to have some food there like hot doggs and chili for sale with all that$$ going to the food bank too, Frannys gonna let me borrow some big pump thermoses for coffee and hot chocolate..
    If anybody felt like volunteering to run the food part that would be sooooo coool
    also someone could help by taking the role going to local businesses to see if any of them want to donate either: stuff for players packages or $$ or canned food , i would like the players packages to be phattty. there will be a printed icebowl disc and i would love to see a tshirt in there( maybe teamworks or a print shop could help???.... maybe jennys giant burger would donate some burger promos, sounds like good business to me, any other ideas??????
    yeah seriously any other ideas for any way to make this thing better or any thing you can do would be awesome

    lets do it up mfc!!!!!!!

  5. we talked about having a voluntary pot at the tourneys to throw a buck into to help the club fund and try to start a thing of throwing a buck in there every week
    and... aj is on doing the logo design contest 50$ to the artist whos design is chosen by the club. i think we decided on a deadline of jan 15th well have a meeting and vote shortly after that

    and... jim is on starting in 2010 club members who pay there dues will get killer bag tags, with the new mfc logo hopefully

    thats all i remember right now did i miss anything????

  6. Derrick,

    Wow, I am very impressed with the flyer! Good job on the summary of the MFC meeting. In regards to the logo design contest I am at Fort Bragg High School every week...I could talk to my contacts there and find out if I/we could talk to their art students about the logo design contest. I will talk to AJ further.


  7. awesome thanks david... nate said entrys could be turned in at anderson alternatives... he also said he would got to mendo businesses and try to get donations either for the players packages or for the food bank... im thinking also a very special prize for the mfc member who brings in the most pounds of canned food( still working out the details but it is gonna be way cool

  8. so i was starting to have a idea about the possibility of limiting the tourney to 45 players, since there is only nine holes, that would be 5 golfers a hole,for the 3 rounds, does any body have any thought on this????