Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quick update-

Hey y'all - just wanted to give the heads up that there will be a club meeting this thursday 5:30 at the pizza factory.  We can talk about whatever, but I think the main topix include where to put concrete tee's in FB, whats up with the pro-am, a possible high/low cap to handi's, etc.  This is your chance to have your say in your club.  If you have a strong feeling about something but can't make it, tell someone who can.
In other news, last week Erin won tuesday pm doubles playing by himself.  Alex V won sunday C course tourney shooting 4 under his handi.  Derrick and myself tied for 2nd, and Derrick beat me in a playoff.  Doubles tonight at 5:30, FB.  PEACE!

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  1. Thanks Spartacus...see you on Thursday for Pizza and Beer! Can those of you who check the blog tell the non-checkers/non-bloggers about the meeting? Thanks!