Monday, June 28, 2010

Dizzle Dazzles!

Natedog finally healed that bum elbow, and took down the tourney with a fierce, blistering 4 under his handi. Jim, Erin and Gregg tied for second with 3 under handi, and after the playoff, both Jim and Erin had birdie putts. Jim's putt cruelly ignored the wind and stayed an inch high of the basket, and Erin put away his equidistant putt for the ten bucks. Dallas came out, brought two guys with him, and put up a strong 8 down, tying Jim for second place in the overall, but Erin defended the MCDC overall score with one shot better. It was a beautiful day, marred only by the poor no-show of one DaveyD, who had lost the overall the night before to the ruthless wiles of Woodbridge.

Erin took home the scoresheets.

I did and here they are:

Craig +8
Rob -4
Erin -9
Dallas -8

Nate +1
Droc -1
G$ -5
Randy -3

Vince +8
Ryan -3
Jim -8

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