Monday, June 21, 2010

And Then There Were 2!

Well, I should start off by saying, don't worry the streak continues...barely. As I was practiciing putting at 4:20pm, and not a soul in sight, low and behold the man, the myth, the legend, Vinny Vincenzo Vincealots shows up. GAME ON, we have an official tournament. After we both contributed a dollar a piece to the ace pot the game was on...and what a game, might I say match it was. After 9 holes Davey D was -3 (3 over my handi) and Vinny was even (1 under his handi). After Vinny birdied 15 and I birdied 16, I was -7 (1 under my handi) and Vinny was -1 (2 under his handi). I finished with a par and a birdy and Vinny finished with a bogey and birdy. Ladies and Gentlemen you know what this means...tie game and playoff. Top of the world saw Davey D split it and par out and Vinny miss but he runs his par putt and barely misses it. Once again Davey D is on top of the frolf community.


Davey D: -8 (2 under handi) PLAYOFF WINNER
Vinny: -1 (2 under handi) SECOND PLACE



  1. way to keep it going guys. i was planning on coming out there but then i didnt. was a little drained from matts wedding, so matt has mentioned to me a tourney in tahoe at bijou in aug like the third weekend, which i would love to go to, anyone else have any interest, ill be at tourney next sunday with some hoodies and tees so bring a couple extra bucks

  2. Will somebody write up this week's (6/27) tournament? I couldn't make it because my best friend, Whisky, stayed in town an extra day. Cheers.