Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Otter Open Shocker!

A couple of MCFCers went down to the Otter Open last weekend to represent, and HOLY SHITBALLS, one of 'em knocked it out the box!!!  Check the results, keeping an eye out for the Advanced Masters division, and the name Starkweather!!!



  1. CONGRATS PARKY. Bravo! How much sweet sweet plastic did you win. MCFC represents yet again. Is the Ukiah Ice Bowl (or sun bowl) this Saturday? What time?


  2. Hey Thanks y'all. Played one of my best rounds ever Sunday (actually was quite happy with my Saturday score) and beat a bunch of good disc golfers on their home course. Felt pretty rad. Sunday was kinda magical actually, not only did I win tourney but won the raffle not once, twice, three but four times! I even pulled my own name once! (raffle bagger!) Great course fun weekend.
    Won a lot of plastic. Stocked up on the brand new flex plastic hurricane, available only to those who played this weekends tourney. Move over destroyer!

  3. But...is it that shocking I won something? I guess so...