Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Highland Springs Ice Bowl

    In a flash of deviance, I decided to enter a tournament at a course I had never played.  Considering that Highland Springs is widely considered the first "Disc Golf Course", I chose to abandon caution and enter for the experience. 
    In conversation I had learned that the course offers technical tree shots, albeit short ones, thumber opportunities as well as some wide open hucks.  In play I learned all of these things and more.  With pins in their long positions, my best drives ended up at the short placement and left 40+ feet to the basket.  I underestimated the need for a good roller.  I say good roller because I also saw errant rollers causing damage on the score card.  If a player had confidence and accuracy in their roller, they could shave 3 or more strokes off of their score.
    After one round of play, I felt calm, collected and ready to improve with a new set of tees and what looked like the pins being moved to shorter positions.  All this was twisted by a rumor that we would be playing round two as a doubles round.  This was not met with enthusiasm but the decision was based on hours of light in the day.  Round one would be payed out based on one score and round two doubles would have a separate payout.  Teams were chosen based on round one performance.   The lowest scoring A-pool would be teamed up with the highest scoring B-pool.  I have never played in a tourney like this, but it was fun.  If you watched my team, you might have had a hard time figuring out who was the A and who was the B.  My partner had a cannon for an arm.  He out drove me on the huge hyzer shots the new set-up allowed for.  Although I would have preferred a second singles round with players who scored the same as me for the first round (I wanted to see what they shot and get some different looks at the course), I really enjoyed the looseness of a doubles afternoon round.  I was allowed to go for strange shots and run putts that made me grind my teeth in the first round. 
    All in all the trip to Lake County was well worth it.  I was inspired to play the course Tom Snyder made famous.  Here's to the "Steady Ed" in June and here's to the MCFC showing up and playing solid disc.
   -Aloha, pau.


  1. I have no clue about the finishing scores (I do know I beat Davey D by 1 and lost to E.H. by 1) so post the scores if you got 'em.

  2. thanks for the write up ryan, i enjoyed the dubs round, prob because i played so poorly the first. not all the pins were set long the first round there are further placements on a few holes.i love this course because a 1000 rated round could be at even in some set ups and at -10 in others.

    Don't forget at the steady ed b day memorial they set up a whole other temp 22 hole course across the street so it can host a lot more players, i am excited for this year already, i think this year this tourney is closer to my bday than the pro am jam

  3. Bread,

    Thanks for the write up/post. Dirks, can Shane post the scores somewhere? That would be awesome. It sounded like some peeps maybe got confused on their scores (maybe this was due to not using under and over but using actual strokes like my first round of 69 on 22 holes) because I heard people say one score but in actuality have a different score.

    Anyways to my recollection the scores were as follows:

    J Clapp -3 (Was he in on the bag tag challenge?)
    Josh L. -2
    Tups -1
    Hems +1
    Bread +2
    Lt. Dan +2
    Hawk +2
    Davey D +3
    Jeremy +3
    Nez +3
    Parkweather +5 or 6
    Dirka +5 or 6
    WipSauce +10
    I am not sure what Dennis shot.

    Now that I embarrasingly posted my score of +3 I should say (with Wip as my witness) that I feel like I could of shaved at least 4 strokes off my score as I hit probably 4 front rims and missed a 20 footer for bird. The kicker is that I got a 5 on my last hole...FUCK! In my first round I played with WipSauce and it was fun playing with a member of the MCFC as we were encouraging each other. MCFC and MENDO represented hard! I must say that Wip knocked down quite a few putts from outside the circle running that shit hard. He also ran at shit that Princess Layup (Davey D) just layed up near the basket.

    In my second round me and Chris V were teamed up and I warned him prior to the round that he wasn't getting a fully healthy Davey D due to a rotator cuff injury earlier in the week but we played HOT birdying the first hole as Chris V knocked down a pancake floater putt from about 45 out. It was hole 4, the blind hole down the shoot with the 2 trees and a small gap to go through. I lot of people rolled this but I just went straight at it and was 45 feet out. Davey D and Chris V continued to pick each other up for the hole round only really missing one putt (on the hanging basket) that we should of made. We shot -6 but it felt even better. Anyways, this has been the chronicles of DaveytothemotherfuckinD.


  4. Peeps,
    Correction = I think the hole that Chris V pancaked was hole 3.


  5. Nice write-up, guys. I can vouch for Danny D (aka davey d) on the fact that he wasn't his normal great disc golfing self that day. I, too, was having a not-so-good day on the putting green. You could probably tell tht by my final score of +10

  6. WipSauceDaddy,

    Yeah, they had me registered as Danny D instead of Davey D. Maybe that is why I shit the bed so hard. Sorry about the poo poo stains for the other players walking behind us. Oh, I remembered Craig Mack shot +3 and I am not sure what Chris V. and G shot. Anyone??
    Danny D Davey D