Monday, July 26, 2010

Vince and Nate!

Thats right ladies and gentlemen you heard it hear first...both Vinny Vincenzo and Nate the dizzle dog Anderson shot 8 under their riduculous (wait did I say that out loud) handicaps. Both Nate and Vinny played in my group along side EHems and it was a pleasure to watch the twos of thems battle it out. Nate shot a -4 (8 under handy) and Vinny shot -7 (8 under his handy). Vince was parking everything and Nate was overthrowing shots I have never seen him overthrow like hole 10. He also parked hole 1. Nate made friends with the Katana on this day. After they tied on topple the world Vinny beat the Natedog on hole 12. Another highlight of the day was Ehems almost aceing hole 17 throwing a turnover threw the treeline and going over the basket. Nice shot Hems! There ya have it. Can someone post the scores?

Nate -4
Vince -7
David -6
Erin -9

Jeriemiah 8
Jeremy 0
Logan +5
AJ -6

Linz 9
Brady -4
Gregg -1
Jim -8


  1. I think its time to assemble and enforce a simple list of rules that govern Sunday play.

    1.If your disc is above where you can reach its a stroke.

    2.After you drive you must make your 2nd,3rd,etc throw from BEHIND the front edge of the disc(closest point to basket)This rule remains whether you mark with a mini, flip your disc, or leave your disc as it was.

    3.If you are putting from inside of 33 ft, you cannot "fall" past your marked disc. This means the disc is either at rest in the basket or the ground before you move forward to retrieve it.

    4. You cannot move/hold branches out of the way to make you shot easier. The real rule states: "Players must choose a stance which results in the least movement of any part of any obstacle" and "Once a legal stance is taken, a player may not move an obstacle (or hold it back or bend it) in order to make room for a throwing motion."

    The exception to the stance rule is "casual obstacles" this is a fancy name for puddles, loose leaves or debris, broken
    branches no longer connected to a tree,
    motor vehicles, harmful insects or animals,
    players’ equipment, spectators. If these impede your stance behind your marked position you may move them. If the object is between the basket and your lye, you can't move it. BUT, if the object was placed during the round,(car, stroller, etc) and it is between the basket and your lye you may take relief, or move it with no penalty.

    5. If your disc ends up under a building, bleachers, or is unplayable, it is considered out of bounds and should be played from where it went out of bounds.

    And that is about it. Breaking any of these rules after being warned will cost a stroke.

  2. Here here!!

    I think a lot of us, myself included, are not careful enough about putting behind our marker--in other words, not "kinda" stepping on it once in awhile. I think if someone sees another person in their group make this mistake, they should quietly approach them away from anyone else in the group and mention that a mistake was made (so as not to create undue embarrassment?). This mentioning will count as a warning, and if the mistake is made again, then a stroke penalty must be called. And remember, in ball golf, it is assumed that all players will police themselves, and call penalties on themselves if they know they have made a mistake. In the case of this rule, I think we ought to allow ourselves one warning to ourselves, if that makes sense.

    I also found rule #4 interesting, as this is different than the rule in ball golf, which (I think) allows you to approach your stance from any direction, and to allow your body to obstruct any object to your benefit, as long as you are taking a normal stance. Your stance does not need to "result in the least amount of movement of the obstacle".

  3. Cool Vid!: