Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Ace List Grows with Each Passing Day

Sunday tourney was 8 frolfers strong. Ryan, AJ, Tai, and Linz (along with Maddie the Caddy) teed off on 5, while Nate, Devon, Brian and Matthew teed on 1. No sooner had we arranged our names neatly in order on our homemade scorecard, than my group heard whooping, shouting, hollering and yahooing from the parking lot. Matthew Starkweather hucked his limited-special-edition-MFC logo disc for an ACE on hole 1! Might I remind you that this blue disc was the very same disc he won as a CTP on hole 1 not long ago. 'Twas meant to be.

Try as we might, no one managed to make Matthew split the ace pot in 2 that day, though I came mighty close on 8 when I turned my blue avenger over into a bee-line ace-run and hit the basket!

Nate Doggy Dog took the tourney with a 2 under his handi, and Linz got second with a 1 under her handi. I'll get you yet, Dizzle.

This is really just an abridged version of Sunday - I'm sure Ryan will give us all the poetic version, and perhaps we'll hear a first-person account of 'The ACE of July 18, 2010' from Mr. Starkweather himself.

Linz +4
Tai +11
AJ +1
Ryan -2

Devon Josephs +28
Nate +2
Brian +9
Matthew -1



  1. Ok well um I threw the disc, and it flew in the basket! Oh and it stayed in!!! (Amazing how my 20' putt on 13 falls out but my 320' bomb stays down...) Thanks for the recap Linz. Nate Dizzle and you definately were playing the best frolf on sunday.  BTW... Why is Nate's picture a shot of his daughter falling down some stairs? Maybe his car with a flat, or a shot of the anderson alternatives sign, or a picture of him?

    Double BTW...I am planning to be at Fort Breezy doubles tonight, around 5 PM ?!? If you haven't played the back 9 yet you must try it...


  2. This was the closest picture I had of Nate Dog. Anyone with a Nate picture should switch it. I thought Shalaya was much better looking though. I think I might pass on doubles. Depends on some timing issues.
    BTW... I might be having a shed demolition party on saturday. I am working out the details, but if anyone is interested, post or let me know.

  3. Sorry Shalaya. But here you go MFCGGCDCGFC.

  4. Is Nate Dog saluting someone? Did he just get done flipping someone off? or did he just get done draining a 50 feet putt? You decide! DOBLES (in some foreign accent). Lets play Fort Breezy dobles tonight! Also, does anyone know anyone who knows anyone who is driving down to the Bay Area next Thursday 7/29? I am looking for a ride. I can pay half the gas, tell funny stories, and buy them a beverage of their choice.


  5. Dobles it is. Nate and I are gonna be there. 5:30... maybe a minute late. Call before you tee off so you can put us in the drawing of the cards.
    BTW I am going down to the bay area on Tues. if that helps. Aloha

  6. I'm out in the yard trying to get that shed down today. If anyone has some time there are a few points where more hands=more safe. If you can make it over call 964-4401 so I know you are coming.