Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tahoe throw down

hey guys i sure have missed you all. ive been up north seeing music and hangin with my family. i hope all'yall are doing great, anyone want to go to tahoe to play a nor cal series tourney at bijou a super fun course. i am super excitesd for it as i have now rose to 3rd place overall in the nor cal series in the int division, im really hoping we can make a mfc roadtrip out of it.lets do it, i wont be at sunday tourney again cause its frannys bday and we are going to go float down the russian river. i will prob give yall a call to see if i can spark some interest in the tahoe trip



  1. i thought i should mention that it is the 21st and 22nd of august

  2. Dirka and company,
    This sounds really fun but I highly doubt I can make it...I have a birthday party in San Francisco on that Saturday. SORRY! Also, there is a tourney (a Beer Tier event) at the Booneville (Anderson Valley) Brewery over Labor Day weekend. I think Saturday 9/4 and Sunday 9/5. Camping anyone? Hendy Woods?

    On another note, Jake Slitherman aced hole 4 (for his first ace) last night during Ft. Bragg doubles and scored some money. Also, Jim and Vince squeaked out a win against California DaveyD by one stroke but Davey D won a CTP prize (a Native American necklace) generously donated by Jeremy. CHEERS!


  3. In classic (I mean CLASSIC) Davey D style, he included a selective description of last evening's doubles round, leaving out the historic part of it entirely.

    Vince and I did something no one else could remember seeing before: we went 9 for 9, birdying the first nine holes in a row. This included some long putts and great drives from both of us--a real ham-and-egg performance! I know Erin and Matthew had a really great doubles round, but I couldn't remember if they went 9 for 9 or not. In any case...funny how Davey forgot that part...

    And Jakey's ace was awesome! Couldn't have happened to a happier guy!

    I'd also like to say that I was going to write up Rye's win on Sunday, but have been slammed with work. And then when I saw the posted picture of him, it shone with such glory that 1) I knew he didn't need a write-up, and 2) I knew my write-up could never approach the brilliance of that photo! But nice tourney win on Sunday anyway, Daddy Rye.

  4. Nice Thursday round people. I do believe Jim and Vince are the first to go 9 for 9 on front 9. Matthew and I did go 9/9 on the back when we won with -16. Also in a singles match against Davey I shot 9/9 on the repeat back 9.

    Oh and nice first ace Jake!